Tuesday, 19 November 2019

OSH India 2019: Informa Markets in India’s drive to create and sustain awareness for Occupational Safety and Health

South Asia’s largest trade show for Occupational Safety & Health industry

Mumbai, 19th November 2019: To discuss global best practices and seek solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the field of workplace safety and health, the Informa Markets in India (formerly UBM India) has announced the 8th edition of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) India on 28th and 29th November 2019 at – Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. The show will bring together internationally renowned exhibitors, consultants, business experts and key government officials.  

The conference will aim and discuss the crucial issues such as ‘Leadership in Health and Wellbeing: Stopping the rise in Presenteeism’; ‘OSH Vision Zero’; ‘Latest reforms in occupational safety and health laws in India and the way forward: Key challenges in their implementation’; ‘a Power talk on improving Human Performance and Safety’; a workshop on ‘Electro statistic Hazards Risk Assessment and their Alleviation’; ‘The need for permit to work systems for critical operations’; ‘Role and Need for accreditation in HSE by NABCB’ and other insightful sessions will be discussed. Over 138 plus exhibitors worldwide and people from National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), Indian Society of Ergonomics (ISE), Indian Technical Textiles Association, Safety Appliances Manufacturers Association (SAMA), Air India Engineering Services Ltd (AIESL), National Accreditation Board of Certifying Bodies (NABCB), Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), MRO Association, Safety Training institutes and more will attend the OSH. The Safety Managers, Consultants, personnel from Defence Establishments, Disaster Management, Distributors and Manufacturers of Health & Safety Products, Electrical Contracting/ Engineers, Facility Managers, Logistics Professionals,  Municipal Authorities, System Integrators and Town Planners will visit during the expo. To promote safety among the Indian workforce, OSH India 2019 will showcase a SAFETY FASHION WALK along with the prestigious OSH India AWARDS 2019 on 28th November. The Awards are open to Indian operating businesses, organizations, alliance and individuals in the public or private sector with a workplace health and safety initiative. This year, OSH Awards received a total of 235 applications from across industry verticals.

INFORMA MARKETS IN INDIA: The New Brand Identity for UBM India


MUMBAI, 19th November 2019: Informa Markets in India, India's leading exhibition organizer, the new name for the previously well-established firm, UBM India, recently announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity, logo, and website.  These changes come globally due to the acquisition of UBM by Informa Plc, which is a leading international events, intelligence and scholarly research group listed on London Stock Exchange.

The new branding has been effective since June 2019, with many of the consequences coming into play currently. Following the global format, the newly combined entity in India, Informa Markets in India, has as its core vision and mission the championing of specialist markets and communities, domestically and around the world to trade, innovate and grow through exhibitions, digital content & business intelligence, and conferences & seminars. All communication collaterals of Informa Markets in India will thus reflect this new brand identity.

The intention in creating these changes was to retire the UBM corporate entity so as to truly operate as one business. This has included retiring the ubm.com website, as well as retiring and rebranding UBM’s branded social media channels, and working towards rebranding offices where the UBM logo appeared in the past. This uniformity will help the brand to grow, expand business, make breakthroughs and take better informed decision, and come up with custom services for specialist’s requirement.

In addition to the entire spectrum of 26 plus shows such as CPhI India & P-Mec India, SATTE, IFSEC, Renewable Energy India Expo, Delhi Jewellery and Gems fair, the combination has brought in new expos such as INMEX-SMM catering to the shipping and maritime industry and the soon to be launched India Health. These shows have always been the prestigious in industry and with this acquisition, will further boost the sectors, increase the services and will mark the growing importance of the trade.

 Globally, Informa PLC is structured into five operating divisions, each working deeply in specialist customer markets: Informa Connect, Informa Intelligence, Informa Markets, Informa Tech, and Taylor & Francis. After careful consideration, Informa Plc has entered the UBM global exhibitions markets through its division Informa Markets, a leader in the knowledge and information domain. As a result, all Informa Exhibitions Colleagues and UBM teams, businesses and brands that were part of Global Exhibitions, will now be part of the new Informa Markets identity.

Healthcare Data Monetization and its Future in India

In today’s digital world, unless we are living under a rock, most of us would have bought things online; some of us also would have sold things online using the services of e-commerce websites. Imagine going online, but instead of purchasing a mobile phone or a t-shirt, you are able to buy healthcare-related data generated by patients! It can be related to the efficacy of a brand of antidiabetic medicine, or side effect profile of a particular group of pain killers, or the cost of different brands of anticancer medicines, or the effect of an antidepressant medicine on liver and kidney function.
The concept of healthcare data marketplace or healthcare data monetisation is all about the purchase and sale of healthcare related data. This concept is becoming popular across the world, and is also making an entry into India. Earlier this month, MarksMan Healthcare Communications Pvt. Ltd. launched India’s first Healthcare Data Marketplace and Healthcare Data Monetization platform called KYT or Know Your Treatment.
But the real question is, who would buy such health-related information? What about confidentiality? How would a misuse of such healthcare data be prevented? And more basically, is such a healthcare data marketplace really required?
The easiest to answer is the last question. Dr Amit Dang, MD, Pharmaceutical Physician, Founder and CEO of MarksMan Healthcare Communications and Founder of KYT explains: “As on 2019, the estimated value of healthcare analytics market is a whopping 14.0 billion USD, which roughly translates to INR 10 lakh crores! Currently, the main contributors of this market include patients from the USA. Needless to say, with Indian patients gradually realising the importance of how valuable their health-related data is, the value of this market is only going to go up!”
But who would be willing to pay such a crazy amount of money to obtain health-related data from patients? Ms Dimple Arora, Data scientist and Co-founder, KYT answers: “Pharmaceutical companies who are in the search of the next blockbuster drug are in need of real-world healthcare data from Indian patients. With the realisation of the value of real-world data for the development of new drugs and also for regulatory purposes, pharmaceutical companies are in search for credible, well-generated healthcare-related data, preferably voluntarily obtained from informed and consenting patients. Using such health-related data, pharma companies would do complex analytics and try to pick up signals which would help them undertake clinical decision support, revenue cycle management, population health management and value-based analytics.”
And who are the sellers? As with any other item, the seller of the healthcare data is the one who owns it. But who owns the healthcare data? Is it the doctors? Hospitals? Laboratory? According to Dr Pawan Rane, MD, Oncologist, and Co-founder of KYT, the real owner of a patient’s healthcare data is none other than the patient. While a patient is hospitalised, the medical record is undoubtedly the hospital’s property; but the healthcare data contained within those records is definitely owned by the patient. And by extension, a patient can use this data to sell it to those who would be willing to pay for it. This is exactly where healthcare data marketplace comes into picture.
The two major concerns for any such entities offering healthcare data marketplace are safety and trust. The KYT app solves both of these problems by offering a secure way to upload and save health-related data with a friendly user interface. Dr. Amit Dang clarifies: “The KYT app provides provision to all patients to control the sharing of their data, which means that their health data can only be used after they give their due consent to do so. Dr. Pawan Rane further mentions that “To ensure confidentiality of data and to prevent unwanted disclosure of sensitive data, we anonymize the data before sharing it with any third party. That way, the buyers of the data – pharmaceutical companies – would only receive the data, and not the identifying details of the patients. This makes KYT app a secure and safe place to save your health-related data and share it with potential buyers in return for a suitable incentive.”
KYT also acts as a patient’s own healthcare dairy which can be used to chronicle the health and medication history in a secure manner. Ms Dimple Arora concludes: “In many Western countries, medical records are digitalised: a concept called Electronic Health Record (EHR). However, many hospitals in India continue to rely on paper records. Further, in the West, health insurance companies maintain a valuable database of patient health data. Such a database is unfortunately lacking in our country because of poor penetration of health insurance in India. In this background, KYT is a novel platform by which willing and consenting patients generate credible electronic versions of their health data, with an additional advantage that this data can also be shared in exchange for money.”
The KYT app is now available in Play Store for free download. For more details visit https://thekyt.in/

Mumbai to host Asia’s largest show on Smart & Safe Mobility on November 20 November 20-22, 2019, Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregoan, Mumbai

Over 100 exhibitors, 4000+ trade and professional visitors, three-day Conference on ‘Mobility: Smart Today, Smarter Tomorrow

Mumbai, Nov 16, 2019:  The 8th edition of TrafficInfraTech expo along with Parking InfraTech and Smart Mobility expo open in Mumbai on November 20 with participation from over 100 exhibitors from different countries including USA, the UK, UAE, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Australia, China and Italy showcasing their products and solutions for Traffic and Parking Management.
As the country is focussing on road capacity and bringing future mobility solutions, the Show assumes greater significance. The Expos will have showcasing of technology for Traffic Management/ Technology, ITS, Tolling, Telematics, Safety & Security, Parking, Mass Transport and EVs.

The future of mobility solutions like IoT, AI & Blockchain, Vehicle Telematics, Smart Parking App, ATCS etc will also be showcased at the Expo.
The three Expos under one roof will be an ideal platform to witness technological advancements, meet technology /solution providers, identify key market trends and to meet & learn from the experts.

There are innovative products/technology that will be exhibited for the first time in India. Like the vehicle-based mobile VMS platform, Pushpak, from the Australia-based Ador Powertron. The fully integrated platform includes inverter, batteries and in-cabin controls. The VMS can be controlled locally or through a GSM communication network from a control room.  It can be used in small city roads or deployed at highway roadworks and closure.

At the Expo, one can witness a complete range of enforcement technologies to identify and process traffic offences, Singapore-based Vandi Technology’s road traffic management system with live video monitoring and recording capabilities can help law enforcers view current traffic status and review footages for identifying events that occurred during a traffic incident. In addition, integration with intelligent video analytics software can enable applications such as vehicle counting, average speed detection, stationary vehicle detection, and wrong way detection. With this information, traffic flow throughout the day can be calculated and traffic violations can be identified immediately, enhancing road safety.
Another product/system to look forward at the Expo is camera-based parking management system-ParkingDetection by VTrac Worldwide, which is developed by Czech Republic based RCE Systems. The system performs robust and innovative solution for on street and off-street parking monitoring. Apart from that the company will also display solutions for Traffic Survey & Data Analysis.
Other products to look out for in the traffic monitoring/traffic survey technology is Remote Access Link road case by Australia based Metrocount which enables users to collect data remotely when using tube ATCCs.

The Remote Data Acquisition Platform based on GSM-GPS-RFID is designed & developed by iTriangle provide an end-to-end solution for various sectors including Transport, Logistics, and the Automobile Industry.

Several high-level professional visitors have already registered including officials from concerned Ministries, Government Departments, Infrastructure Companies, Traffic Police, Smart City Consultants and Transport/Traffic experts.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and NITI Aayog along with many other government & non-government Associations.

Considering the great focus, the Central and State machinery are giving to Smart Mobility, Public Transport, Parking solutions and infrastructure, ​the three-day Conference onMobility: Smart Today, Smarter Tomorrow’ at the Expo  has  been designed to  facilitate discussions  and interactions on the latest  in traffic and transport sectors.

Monday, 11 November 2019

PCPIR Rejuvenation Study launched at Summit on Global Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturing Hubs in India 2019

Mr. D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India with esteemed dignitaries at GCPMH 2019 launching PCPIR Rejuvenation Study report.

Co-hosted by FICCI, the first of its kind two-day summit was inaugurated by Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India

Mumbai, November 11, 2019: In its endeavor to strive robust advancement in the Indian Chemical & Petrochemicals industry, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) jointly with the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India today launched the PCPIR Rejuvenation Study at the ‘Summit on Global Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturing Hubs in India 2019’.
The PCPIR Rejuvenation Study, by FICCI and their knowledge partner Mott MacDonald, highlights the continuous development of Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Regions (PCPIR), its current scenario and government’s roadmap for policy interventions to rejuvenate investment in PCPIRs. It has stated that India is the sixth largest producer of chemicals in the world and contributes 3.4% to the global chemical industry. The chemicals market in India has grown at 3% over the last decade. The industry comprises of 13.38% of manufacturing GVA and 2.39% of National GVA which employs about 2 million people.
The Government of India adopted a policy in 2007 to set up Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Regions (PCPIR). Currently there are four identified regions - Dahej (Gujarat), Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Paradip (Odisha) and Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu). However, due to a wide range of issues (ranging from overall infrastructure development to project financing), attracting investment to Vizag, Paradip and Cuddalore has been relatively challenging in comparison to Dahej. Considering the overall scenario, the government has now planned for policy interventions to rejuvenate investment in PCPIRs.
Speaking about extraordinary role of Chemicals and Petrochemicals Industry in shaping the other industries, Mr. D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Government of India said, “The Indian Chemical & Petrochemical Industry is currently witnessing a rapid expansion. The untapped potential of this industry needs to be addressed which holds the power to bring a revolution in the country. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% from USD 163 billion to USD 304 billion market by 2025, which not only emphasizes the important role it can play in the growth of Indian economy but to become the global leaders in petrochemicals and emerge itself as world’s next manufacturing hub. We are honoured to partner with FICCI to host first of its kind Summit on Global Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturing Hubs in India 2019.”
Commenting on the significance of the report launch, Mr. Deepak C. Mehta, Chairman – FICCI Chemical Industry Committee and CMD, Deepak Nitrite Ltd. said, “It is my privilege to be a part of Summit on Global Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturing Hubs in India 2019 and meet the entire industry fraternity at this important event. The Indian Chemical and Petrochemical industry is an integral part of the Indian economy and possess huge unrealized potential to strengthen the Indian economy. The PCPIR Rejuvenation Study connotes the chemicals market in India has grown at 3% over the last decade, current development and policy interventions to rejuvenate investment in PCPIRs.”

Friday, 8 November 2019


In 2016, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars introduced Black Badge, the bolder, darker and more dynamic alter-ego of the pinnacle super-luxury marque for men and women who take risks, break rules and build success on their own terms.

The Black Badge range was launched with Ghost and Wraith, and expanded to Dawn in 2017.

Now, a new member completes the Black Badge family.

Black Badge Cullinan is unveiled today, a dark behemoth born in the darkness, attuned to the preference sets of a younger, more adventurous patron of luxury. At a glance, highlights of the new car include
·        Black Badge Cullinan-specific design cues – darkened rear trim, polished contrast Pantheon grille vanes
·        Bespoke 22-inch Black Badge Cullinan wheels
·        Key elements darkened to black: SoE, Pantheon grille and R-R logos
·        New colour introduced: Forge Yellow
·        Naked-weave ‘Technical Carbon’ veneer
·        Dynamic enhancements: +29bhp, +50Nm, 0-100km/h timing improved by 0.1sec
·        Revised all-round air-suspension for firmer driving dynamics
·        Revised throttle, gearbox and brake mapping for enhanced driving experience
·        Shooting Star Headliner on Black Badge Cullinan
Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said:
“Black Badge reflects the desires of a distinct group of Rolls-Royce clients: men and women who take risks, break rules and build success on their own terms. Indeed, before we launched Black Badge in 2016 the idea of creating a product that would satisfy this subversive cohort – that is highly dynamic and wilfully rebellious in aesthetic – caused a great deal of internal debate. However, once the marque’s designers, engineers and craftspeople began pursuing this dramatic alter ego, it became clear that these motor cars could not only exist comfortably beneath this revered and historic brand but they would define a new space within the super-luxury market. In this spirit, the time has come for Rolls-Royce’s boldest and darkest expression of Black Badge yet. The King of the Night, Black Badge Cullinan.”

Monday, 28 October 2019

Sign Up For The 5-Day International Swim Camp At Corvuss American Academy

Learn to Swim Like a Pro With Former Olympic Competitors And British National Champions – James Parrack and Matthew O’ Connor

Mumbai: October, 2019 - Corvuss American Academy, a first of its kind, state-of-the-art boarding school for ‘student athletes’, is organising an exciting 5-day International Swim Camp from October 29 to November 2, 2019 for children between 8-18 years. The camp will be held at Bombay YMCA, Agripada.

Participants will learn the technicalities and nuances of swimming from former Olympic competitors and British national champions – James Parrack and Matthew O’ Connor. They will be taught the right techniques to warm-up and be given swimming drills to work on pace, stroke work and stability. They will also be taught dry-land training exercises as well as pre-competition routines to maximise their performance in the pool. This camp is a fantastic opportunity, whether you are a beginner or a competitive swimmer, to gain knowledge and help improve your swimming technique.

To register, and for more details, please visit:

What - International Swim Camp
Where- Bombay YMCA, Agripada
When - October 29 to November 2, 2019

Thursday, 24 October 2019


Mumbai, October --, 2019: Garware Polyester Ltd. (BSE: 500655 | NSE: GARWARPOLY), one of the pioneers and leading producers of polyester films, today announced the launch of Paint Protection Films in India. Expertly designed to deliver the highest level of protection, this innovation will offer the highest level of impact resistance in clear, self-healing paint protection films.  Made in India using advanced film technologies and the company’s in-house technology Garware Paint Protection film is a great product that is suitable for Indian weather and road conditions.

Expertly designed to deliver the highest level of protection, Garware Paint Protection Film is manufactured using a specially formulated Thermoplastic Polyurethane film (TPU). With proven reliability and consistent performance, the film when applied to vehicles protects from scratches and dents, the damages made by road debris and rocks, in addition to the elements of the environment. The product has excellent hydrophobic, self-healing capabilities. The film can be easily installed and removed without damage to the paint finish while retaining the vehicle’s resale value.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. S Krishnan, Director – Sales, Garware Polyester Ltd. said, “Garware has been the pioneers in polyester film manufacturing since 1982. The latest version of Paint Protection Film is yet another innovative product providing an unparalleled high-gloss finish and an impact protection for maximum durability protecting vehicles from abrasions, bird droppings, door dings, and scratches, thus making it the most advanced vehicle paint protection film on the market”.

Garware’s Paint Protection Films will be available through dealerships across all metros.

FI India and HI and Propak India exhibition event at Goregaon

Government of Maharashtra has initiated a program of healthy eating  at schools and colleges..
This was after a survey by Indian Diabetic federation that found 30% of School  and College Children suffering from Obesity, diabetes and Hypertension

Dr.Pallavi Darade FDA Commissioner of Maharashtra during a FI India and HI and Propak India exhibition event at Goregaon made a shocking statement about a survey carried by the Government of Maharashtra through Indian Diabetic association. Darade while speaking a program initiated on about healthy eating and healthy living in schools and colleges said, the survey conducted in 20 schools found over 30 percent of students in the age group of 11-13 were suffering from diabetes, hypertension, obesity. With obesity being a major cause of worry. She said it was then that “Government initiated a project on healthy eating in schools and Colleges and the program has received positive response. On talking about measures taken by FDA and FSSAI on food safety acts she said that  FFSAI  and FDA Maharashtra has emphasized on the training aspects of the various right from the street food vendors  up to the 5 star hotels. All other sectors even for that matter implementing the various GMPGHP practices that are very much mandatory for the food safety act so the emphasize has always been that whatever is produced and whatever is served should always be complied as per the food safety act and we across Maharashtra and  India are getting very positive response from the food Industry.  At the event about food processing and packaging Industry, she spoke on various aspects related to food. Informa Markets in India is hosting the 14th edition of Fi India and Hi and 2nd edition of ProPak India in Mumbai this year from October 22 to October 24, one of the most comprehensive B2B shows for food, health and packaging.
While Fi India and Hi was inaugurated by Dr. Pallavi Darade - FDA Commissioner of Maharashtra, Dr. Yogesh Kamat – Director FFSAI (Western Region), Dr. Prabodh Halde – immediate Past President AFSTI & Mr. Piruz Khambatta – Rasna International. ProPak India was marked by the presence of Mr. C. K. Raganathan – Founder, CavinKare India Pvt Ltd , Mr. Samir Limaye, President, Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India ( IPMMI ), Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director for Informa Markets in India and Mr. Rahul Deshpande, Group Director for Informa Markets in India in an industry gathering.
The co-located expos optimally provided industry players an entire array of products and solutions pertaining to food ingredients, processing technology and packaging under one giant umbrella. While Fi India & Hi offered the industry an opportunity to source high quality ingredients, ProPak India brought within its domain, packaging solutions pertaining to products from medicines, cosmetics, appliances, industrial systems and machinery, among others. 
Speaking at the inauguration of Fi India and Hi and ProPak India in Mumbai, Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director for Informa Markets in India said, “The food ingredients and processing industry in India has witnessed rapid augmentation owing to the changing socio- economic demographics such as urbanization and the ever growing Indian gourmet market which is growing at a CAGR of 20%. An increased awareness for quality standards of food products has amplified the focus on the superiority of ingredients that goes into the making of these finished products. There is also an increased awareness within the industry with regards to active and intelligent packaging which is vital in the preservation of food.  Enhanced packaging techniques need to be developed that not only boost the shelf life of the product but also sustain the nutritive value of the processed food. This is where our shows Fi India and Hi and ProPak both play a crucial role in helping the industry offer an international showcase of such food processing and packaging technology and food ingredients and in turn, help leverage India’s wide ranging and large raw material base for food processing industries.” The co-located expos rotate annually between India’s two promising food hubs i.e Mumbai and the Delhi region.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Schwing Stetter launches its new premium variants of concrete truck mixers “Super® 7”, in partnership with Mahindra Powerol

- Super® 7 variants to utilize fuel-saving and intelligent technologies.
India, Mumbai, October 22nd, 2019: Schwing Stetter India, one of the country’s leading concreting equipment manufacturers’ made an announcement that further strengthens the partnership with Mahindra Powerol, a business unit of the USD 20.7 billion Mahindra Group, to launch its new premium variant of concrete truck mixers “Super® 7”. The successful partnership formed for Stetter Super SIX concrete transit mixer on July 26th, 2018 in Pune has seen more than 1000 machines.
Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixers were conceptualized based on the current customer need in this segment and will be powered by the Mahindra Powerol 625 DI engine. Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixers have undergone several extensive trials to meet the industry requirements of smart, premium and intelligent products. The variants are listed below.
1.            Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixers with IoT in / IoT ready.
2.            Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixers with Schwing Smartrack / standard.

Significant features of Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixers are listed below.
·                     Large loading volume.
·                     Optimum drive characteristics.
·                     Best-in-class spiral geometry.
·                     Stetter T-protect wear protection.
·                     Large clearance for concrete discharge.
·                     Easy to clean and service.
·                     Highest resale value.
·                     Best in class fuel efficiency resulting in lowest lifecycle cost which helps customer save “7 Lakhs in 7 years”.
·                     Future ready engines.

Significant features of Schwing IoT Ready device are listed below.
·                     CAN based controller and multi-color display.
·                     Elimination of conventional gauges.
·                     Battery voltage.
·                     Drum loading/ unloading status with graphical representation.
·                     Drum RPM (Revolutions per minute) monitoring for increased drum life.
·                     No of drum rotations in CW & CCW (Clockwise and Counter clockwise) direction.
·                     Critical alarm messages in display.
·                     Maintenance scheduling.
·                     IoT Integration for data analytics (Optional).

Significant features of Schwing IoT In device are listed below.
·                     Reduced downtime.
·                     Proactive maintenance.
·                     Integrated GPS for live tracking.
·                     Data analytics for machine efficiency monitoring.
·                     Data storage with traceability / statistical reports.
·                     Productivity status on cloud.

At the press conference, Mr.V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India said, “Following the overwhelming positive feedback from our customers for Stetter Super Six range, we are thrilled to partner with Mahindra Powerol yet again to launch the Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixer range. Stetter Super® 7 concrete truck mixer is specially designed to deliver better fuel efficiency, lower cost of ownership and with other key add on features. With the launch of the Stetter Super® 7 range, we wish to guarantee our customers quality products and timely service delivery. We wish to nurture a long-standing partnership with Mahindra Powerol.”
According to Mr.Sachin Nijhawan, Business Head, Mahindra Powerol, “Our long term association with Schwing Stetter India has strengthened over the years through our customer centric approach. Products such as Stetter Super®7 concrete transit mixer powered by Mahindra Powerol 625 DI engine is a testament to our loyal customers and relentless customer focus. Mahindra Powerol is committed to this relationship for a win – win situation for both companies.”
Contact us on : https://www.schwingstetterindia.com/  Follow us on: cid:image010.png@01D15371.B33F6060 cid:image013.png@01D15371.B33F6060 cid:image012.png@01D15371.B33F6060  cid:image014.png@01D15371.B33F6060  cid:image019.png@01D15371.B33F6060

MHRD and MESC organized MANTHAN in Mumbai to integrate Media & Entertainment industry skills into degree education

Mumbai, October 19, 2019: Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) with support from the
Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), Government of India organized “Manthan” –
Impeccable Academia at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai today.
This platform was for the dignitaries to connect, exchange ideas and build relations for career
opportunities for the coming generations. Manthan was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Shri Subhash
Ghai, Renowned Filmmaker, Educationist and Chairman-MESC along with Mr. Subba Rao, Sr. Economic
Advisor, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Mr. Amit Behl, Indian Television and Film Actor and Sec.General
CINTAA; Mr. Wiz Sabbas Joseph, Secretary - MESC; Mr. Chaitanya Chinchlikar, VP of Whistling Woods
International; Mr. Ramesh Anumukonda, Unity Education and Centre of Excellence Initiatives: Asia
Pacific (APAC) at unity Technologies; and Mr. Mohit Soni, CEO, MESC . The event brought together
academicians, media and the entertainment industry.
MANTHAN is focused on a plethora of opportunities available in the Media and Entertainment Industry.
It’s highlighting the possibilities of Association between Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC)
and participating esteemed Academic Institutions, colleges & universities. The Ministry of Human
Resource & Development along with MESC has developed specialized employment oriented Bachelor
Courses as: BSc. Animation & VFX, BSc. Performing Arts and B.Sc. Film Making.
The Universities concerned are empowered to take up these courses through their colleges,
autonomous colleges are readily empowered and other colleges can take up these courses with their
University approval.11 Colleges/ Universities, signed the MoU with MESC for making the specialized
courses for the students.
Sharing his views, Mr. Subba Rao, Senior Economic Advisor, MHRD, Government of India, said, “With
great anticipation and hope we have started this initiative of merging the two huge segments Media &
Entertainment and Human Resource Development to garner unexplored possibilities and opportunities
for the sector. The introduction of relevant courses and developing the right skillset will provide
students with complete in-depth knowledge in their chosen trades and make them industry ready. This
would help in addressing the gap between education and economy with the industry growing at an
autonomous rate.”
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Subhash Ghai, Renowned Filmmaker, Educationist and Chairman-MESC,
said, “We have been tirelessly working together to develop and innovate young creative minds through
Manthan. India has the potential to be more than a job doer country. There’s a huge level of
unemployment prevalent currently, youngsters with degrees are sitting idle. Here’s where initiatives of
MESC comes in to develop the current system and to rethink the process to develop the required.
Through Manthan we will be able to focus on human, skill, creative and innovation development to
make our future generations’ go-getters, explorers and believers. “
Addressing the delegates, Mr. Mohit Soni, CEO-MESC, said, “Media & Entertainment Industry is growing
at an exponential rate but at the same time it is grappling with many Skill Development Challenges
including a huge supply-demand gap both in terms of quality and quantity of workforce. Our focus is to
create entrepreneurs, who in turn will create jobs bridging the existing job gap in this fastest growing
industry. Through this event and the encouraging words and presence from the industry, we are hoping
to have many more Manthan sessions.”
In his address Mr. Chaitanya Chinchlikar, Vice President - Whistling Woods International said, “
Education in India is dual, under the MHRD & under specialized ministries, almost all universities have
set up a formal institutionalized educational structures. However, the same has been missing for the
Media & Entertainment Industry. There is no multi-level structure (undergraduate/ post-graduate/
doctoral, etc.) that has been set up as the standard or the norm for M&E education in India. This has left
no scope for private institutions to set up specialized institutes to cater to these needs of the industry.
Hence, Film, Media and Creative Arts education has never been mainstreamed in India. Consequently, it
has led to a global unprecedented situation, that a country which is a strong global force in a particular
industry is not a global force in terms of the education in that same field.”
Mr Aamir, Head of Operations, Red Chillies Entertainment said, “Today, the industry is looking forward
to making quality outputs which were much higher as compared to what it was 20 years ago, and that
too in lesser time. This has opened up other avenues, where Hollywood studios have started distributing
their work all over the world, making it possible to get the job done faster by sharing it with other
studios. In India, Redchillies was one of the studios that started to distribute work within the country
with other partner studios. The key challenge faced by the industry today is that the same work needs to
be done in better quality and shorter time, which requires a talent pool that is ready to do the job.”