Thursday, 23 May 2019

Regent Seven Seas Cruises® Debuts More Than 200 Inspiring Plant-Based Dishes Fleetwide

MUMBAI (May 20, 2019) –Regent Seven Seas Cruises®, the world’s leading luxury ocean cruise line, today announced the debut of an extensive array of innovative plant-based cuisine on menus across its fleet. Beginning July 1, 2019, more than 200 gourmet plant-based selections will be offered at breakfast, lunch and dinner to meet the evolving tastes of luxury travelers who are following vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, or hunger to enjoy more plant-based fare.

New dishes like Wild Mushroom Tart with Brittle Pie Crust, Mushroom Duxelles and Red Pepper Coulis;Falafel Fritters with Harissa Mayo, Cucumber, Mint, and CapersSpiced Potato & Green Pea Samosas with Tamarind Chutney; and Summer Berry Pudding Chantillyshowcase a range of cuisines including Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Malaysian, and more. Other menu highlights include nourishing Power Bowls and Poke Bowls, hearty pastas and noodles, light and refreshing salads and soups and decadent items like an ImpossibleTMCheeseburger, and a Peach and Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal-Almond Topping.

“For luxury travelers who are increasingly adding more plant-based cuisine to their meals, we’re offering even more imaginative selections of bold, flavorful appetizers, entrees and desserts, with craveable tastes and mouth-watering presentations,” said Jason Montague, Regent Seven Seas Cruises president and chief executive officer. “Our expanded plant-based cuisine sets the highest benchmark in luxury cruising.” 

Luxury travelers are increasingly interested in enjoying plant-based fare. Worldwide, more than 9 of 10 plant-based meals are consumed by people who are not vegans. 

Regent’s 200 plant-based selections will be fully integrated into the daily menus on Regent ships, instead of being offered on a separate menu. The new offerings were developed by Regent’s culinary leadership team under the direction of Bernhard Klotz, Regent’s vice president of Food and Beverage, in concert with world-renowned chef, culinary instructor, and author Christophe Berg.

“Plant-based cuisine appeals to a broad audience of luxury travelers,” Klotz explained. “This is an emerging, modern specialty cuisine that allows our guests to enjoy more flavorful foods that are in harmony with their current tastes and pushes the boundaries on Regent’s acclaimed culinary creativity and imagination.” 

Selected Plant-Based Menu Highlights

·      Chia Cashew Yogurt with Carrot-Hazelnut Granola, Mixed Berries and Tropical Fruits
·      Chickpea Pancake with Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Harissa Sauce, Just Like Feta
·      Banana-Oatmeal Pancakes with Berries and Maple Syrup
·      Avocado Toast on Rustic Farmers Bread

·      Sweet Potato Soup with Miso & Ginger
·      Tomato Bisque with Dill
·      Roasted Almond and Vegetable Soup
·      Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Vegetables, Grapefruit, Coconut, Boston Lettuce, Rice Paper, Roasted Peanut Dip
·      Tajin Spiced Hummus & Avocado Wrap with Boston Lettuce, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Fruit Skewer
·      Osaka Power Bowl with Soba Noodles, Eggplant, Tofu, Sweet Potatoes, Edamame, Wakame Salad, Nori, Miso Sesame Dressing 
·      Mediterranean Bowl with Brown Rice, Beluga Lentils, Green Peas, Cauliflower, Tomato, Homemade Tzatziki, Kalamata Olives, Pita Bread, Roasted Almond-Orange Dressing
·      Falafel Power Bowl with Roasted Carrots, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Assorted Greens, Olives, Capers, Mint, Parsley, Lemon-Tahini dressing
·      Green Lentil Penne Pasta, Wild Mushroom Bolognese with Cashew Nuts
·      “Impossible Burger” Sesame Bun, Just Like Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Skinny Fries

·      Caramelized Apple Tart with Fresh Feta-Cashew Cheese, Balsamic Caramel 
·      Wild Mushroom Tart with Brittle Pie Crust, Mushroom Duxelles, Red Pepper Coulis
·      Mulligatawny, Traditional Indian Red Lentil & Coconut Soup 
·      Spiced Potato & Green Pea Samosas with Tamarind Chutney
·      Baked Porcini & Spinach Cannelloni, with Toasted Hazelnuts, Tomato Sauce, Béchamel
·      Mushroom & Spinach Crepes, with Béchamel and Tomato Sauce
·      Roasted Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini with Quinoa - Olive Salad, Pine Nut Dressing, Yellow Pepper Coulis
·      Singapore Noodles, with Stir Fried Vegetables, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Rice Vermicelli
·      Green Curry Vegetable Stir Fry, with Eggplant, Oyster Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Green Peas, Jasmine Rice

·      Summer Berry Pudding Chantilly 
·      Basil Scented Fruit Minestrone, Lemon Sorbet
·      Peach and Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal-Almond Topping
·      Pear Williams & Rosemary Sorbet
·      Lime – Vodka Sorbet
·      Champagne Sorbet

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Volvo Car organises a women-only car drive to boost awareness on gender equality

Mumbai, 19th May 2019: Volvo Car India flagged off an all women drive today under the global ‘Equal Vehicles for All’ (E.V.A.) initiave to promote gender equality. The rich data of over 4 decades and 40,000 investigations involving car crashes has now been provided to the world free. The E.V.A. initiative centres around safety for all and not just safety developed by testing the traditional ‘Male Crash Test Dummies’. Women have a different anatomy and hence different effects in crashes. Our cars are tested with Female Crash Test Dummies as well delivering safety for all. The seats are egonomically designed with WHIPS to reduce the whiplash risk for male and females by half. The Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) relies on an intelligent structure to boost overall safety. In fact, SIPS, together with the side-impact airbag, reduces severe chest injuries by more than 50% for all passengers.

The gender equality does not stop just at product development, it is an integral part of our corporate mission and culture. Volvo Cars is aiming at one-third of all leadership positions by 2025 to be females and has a healthy 23% women workforce.

Mr. Charles Frump, Managing Director - Volvo Car India said“We are very proud of our campaign to generate awareness about gender equality. It is something very close to our brand and the corporate mission to have atleast one-third women in all leading positions globally by 2025. We have a healthy 23% ratio of women globally and in India. Our global E.V.A initiative involves creating a Female Crash Test Dummy, therby delivering safety for all”.

Friday, 10 May 2019

Zebra Technologies Celebrates 50 Years of Innovating at the Edge

Ushers in new era of visibility; continues legacy of guiding enterprises through digital transformation

INDIA, NEW DELHI – May 10, 2019 – Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance edge, celebrates its 50th anniversary as it continues to empower the front line of business. Since the inception of its first printing prototypes in the late 1960s, Zebra has evolved into a trusted advisor to its partners and customers based on its legacy of innovation to help digitally transform the enterprise.

When Zebra and its partners deliver a performance edge to front-line employees, nurses spend more time at the bedside with a patient resulting in higher quality care, and retail associates check inventory and complete transactions without leaving the shopper’s side. When Zebra integrates mobile printing and data capture solutions with cross-technology indoor location solutions, manufacturing plants and distribution centers become smarter environments in which production, fulfillment and shipping efficiencies are dramatically increased.

“We are proud to celebrate our half century milestone with our customers across the retail/ecommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, government and other industries,” said Anders Gustafsson, Chief Executive Officer, Zebra Technologies. “While Zebra has changed its stripes over the years, we are well-positioned to accelerate our strategy. With our network of specialized partners, we will continue to deliver industry-tailored solutions at the enterprise edge where there is an amazing amount of new growth and opportunities.”

Zebra marks this 50-year milestone as a result of its consistent focus on the company’s guiding principles. As digital technology transforms the edge of the enterprise, Zebra’s purpose-driven design builds in ease of use, security and ruggedness with front-line users, workplace and workflows in mind. Zebra enables customers to create smart, data-powered environments to better reflect what is happening at the edge of their operations rather than relying on traditional systems of record. And connected, collaborative mobile workflows powered by Zebra innovations allow those on the front line to optimize in-motion operations while linking together teams, assets and systems to deliver best-action guidance for business-critical decisions in real time.

Globally, Zebra boasts an impressive lineup of end-to-end products and solutions; including the popular TC5X touch computers and the LS2208 barcode scanner, as well as innovative products like the MP7000 Grocery Scanner Scale, amongst others. With over 4,400 U.S. and international patents issued and pending, Zebra has been working to heighten investment in disruptive technologies – bolstered by acquisitions in recent years that include Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business, Xplore Technologies Corporation and Temptime Corporation.

Commemorating 50 years of innovation, this year Zebra will be introducing a new breed of products and solutions so businesses can anticipate implications and make best-action decisions based on real-time guidance. Collectively, these new products and solutions can help drive a truly unprecedented revolution in workforce mobility. Highlights include:

·         MC9300 Mobile Computers: The MC9300 enables businesses to modernize their mobile solutions to keep up with the growing demands of e-commerce while shortening training time, improving fulfillment speed and accuracy and increasing productivity by as much as 10% compared to competing devices.
·         ZQ600 Series Mobile Printers: The ZQ600 Series mobile printers are designed to print everything from shelf labels to item tags, markdown labels and sales receipts. The new printers enable peak performance for applications such as pricing management and faster checkouts in retail stores.
  • MC3330R RFID handheld readerThe MC3330R handheld RFID reader helps workers read both RFID tags and barcodes with point and shoot simplicity, and is sensitive enough to capture the most challenging of RFID tags – bringing a new level of efficiency to inventory and asset management.

·         Zebra celebrates its 50th anniversary by delivering a performance edge to the front line of business across retail, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, healthcare and government.
·         Zebra continues to bring to market new and improved enterprise products – like the MC9300, the ZQ600 mobile and laser printers and the MC3330R handheld RFID reader – across its portfolio with new mobile computers, printers and scanners for unrivaled manageability.
·         Zebra anticipates strong growth across Asia Pacific in 2019 thanks to the rise of e-commerce, an increasingly connected workforce, and the confluence of Industry 4.0.

An incomparable gift this mother’s day - Rare Platinum

Mumbai, May 2019:  Mother – the purest love you will ever know. Far from the worldly vices of greed and selfishness her love only gives. She is your fiercest protector, your relentless nurturer and your inmost being. This magical bond you share with her is one of a kind, deserving of a precious gift this mother’s day.
So choose something as rare as her and her love. Choose platinum.
A truly celestial metal, Platinum was found on Earth after a meteorite crash over 2 billion years ago. Only a few deposits were left behind making platinum one of the rarest metals for precious jewellery. For something as precious & rare as your relationship with her, only a metal this rare will do.
This Mother’s Day, choose from an array of designs from layered necklaces, pendants, to statement bracelets to a simple yet stylish chain. Inspired by global trends, the subtle and delicate designs of platinum jewellery are sure to remain etched in her heart.
Mark mother’s day with the incomparable and ultimate gift of love – Platinum.
Price: Platinum jewellery starts at range of Rs 30,000 onwards, depending on the size, weight of the metal, number and quality of diamonds used the cost would increase.
Purity Assurance Program:   
In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, Platinum Guild India Pvt. Ltd. Has appointed Trust Ever Assurance Services LLP to audit and monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity mark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ programme.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Anytime Fitness announces exciting offers to new members

~ Teams up with Paytm, Ferns n’ Petals, EaseMyTrip, Portronics, Daily Objects and Labcare~

New Delhi, 7th May, 2019: Anytime Fitness, a global co-ed fitness chain from the USA announces striking offers to its new members across India. The gym-chain has partnered with Paytm, Ferns n’ Petals, EaseMyTrip, Portronics, Daily Objects and Labcare for greater market reach. A new membership of the gym offers grand deals to the users.
Anytime Fitness and these brands view this collaboration born out of complementary competencies. This marketing association will power Anytime Fitness to offer cutting-edge exciting bargain which will help all these brands equally and will also help to increase the number of members of Anytime Fitness in India.
On the association Mr Vikas Jain, MD, Anytime Fitness says, “I am very thrilled with the partnership. I am positive that this tie-up will benefit each brand individually. Our motto at Anytime Fitness is to see each Indian healthy and fit and with the offer I am sure that more people will come and be the part of our regime of healthy living.”
Anytime Fitness is not only the first gym chain in India which is open 24*7 but it also maintains hygiene inside the gym. Members are provided with fitness consultation along with customized training. Anytime Fitness gyms are equipped with those matches international benchmark. Keeping in regard the industry and increased interest of people in fitness and healthy living, Anytime Fitness has come up with new offerings- stylish & comfortable technology, innovation of varieties of gym equipment, hygiene and exercises at affordable price. 
The idea of Anytime Fitness is not only to make money but for everyone to know the importance of physical exercise to lead a healthy life. With single Anytime Fitness membership, one can get access to all the gyms across India.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Hernia Belts and Scrotal Support by Flamingo


Mumbai, 26 April 2019: Ascent Meditech Limited, a leading player in Orthopedic Soft Goods, Mobility, Wound-care and Healthcare products, have launched their new range of Flamingo Hernia Belts and Scrotal Support. Available in multiple sizes, these belts help to address clinical needs in inguinal, ventral and umbilical hernia repair... they are made of soft and hypoallergenic skin friendly materials (molded foam pad, adjustable leg and abdominal strap) specially designed to keep the protruding tissue in place, relieve discomfort along with a number of added benefits/advantage listed below:

Hernia Belt

Hernia Belt

1.    Helps in reducible inguinal hernia
2.    Provides gentle and constant pressure to the hernia
3.    Made of skin friendly materials (i.e.) molded foam pad, adjustable leg and abdominal strap
4.    Can be worn undetected under clothing
5.    Available in multiple sizes

Scrotal Support

Scrotal Support

1.    Recommended following surgery and in treatment of many scrotal problems
2.    Provides support to the cremaster muscle, adding comfort and convenience to the patient
3.    Made of soft and hypoallergenic material
4.    Flexibility of light adjustable waistband and soft knit stretchable pouch of polyester
5.    Can be worn undetected under clothing
6.    Available in multiple sizes

Mr. Rajiv Mistry, Founder & MD, Ascent Meditech Ltd., said, “Hernia is caused by a combination of muscle weakness and strain, they are common in the groin areas. Most hernias aren’t immediately life-threatening, but they don’t go away on their own and can require surgery to prevent potentially dangerous complications. We being a leading player in Healthcare products/the Healthcare segment have designed and launched these hernia belts to support the cremaster muscle, adding comfort and convenience to the patient as the material that has been used is soft, hypoallergenic and skin friendly ,and hence can be worn undetected under clothing. These belts are available in multiple sizes”

Also the Flamingo range of Active Lifestyle products can be used by people across all age-groups for regular day-to-day activities. All these products can be used by individuals and in clinics. Flamingo has been awarded as ‘Best Brand in Healthcare Category’ by Economic Times under the umbrella of ‘The Economic Times Best Brands 2019’

The Company has appointed Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for their flagship brand ‘Flamingo’. Adhering to international certification standards for medical products, the Flamingo range of 320+ products, are accepted by consumersin 47 countries globally. The epitome of super-human fitness and dancer par excellence, Hrithik Roshan unveiled the teaser of a new consumer awareness campaign titled ‘An Aid for a New Life’ marking his brand endorsement of Flamingo Orthopedic Soft Goods, Mobility, Wound-care and Healthcare products.

The Company has launched its e-commerce platform making its flagship brand Flamingo products available anytime, anywhere across the country. The Company's e-commerce platform will initially focus on 110 products (available in multiple SKUs) out of the total portfolio of over 320+ products. The product mix maintained for the e-commerce platform comprises of OTC as well as RX products, with majority being OTC products. The product range is segregated into 6 categories:Comfort Range: For Back, Shoulder, Arm, Leg, Knee, Ankle, Compression Aids and Splints; Premium Range: Regular Premium, Neoprene; Lifestyle Range: For Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy, Back Rest, Cushions, Sports; Pediatric Range: For Kids; Wound-care Range: Bandages for everyday use; Mobility Range: Crutches, Walkers. Products across the 6 categories are available at a discount of 10% to the MRP. Ascent Meditech has tied up with FedEx for product fulfillment across the length and breadth of the country. There is a flat 10% discount for all purchases made on www.flamingohealth.comOn purchase of Rs. 200 and above, consumers need not pay any Delivery Charges.

For more information, follow Flamingo Health Social Media Links on: 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Wrangler brings you the Eighth edition of True Wanderer

Wrangler, the original American denim brand, is back with its nationwide search for the True Wanderer.
After seven successful seasons of True WandererWrangler is calling on all adventure and travel enthusiasts for its eighth edition. Sign up for the True Wanderer contest and you could be in the running for the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Switzerland.
Signing up for the True Wanderer adventure is simple. All you must do is visit the True Wanderer page on the Wrangler website ( and share your past travel experience.
Based on votes and the scores of an elite judging panel, the winners of True Wanderer 2019 will win the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Switzerland. The first and second runner ups will get to win a trip to Andaman and Leh respectively, which also can be accompanied by a friend.
Registrations are on till 17th May. So, what are you waiting for? Visit right away and create your #Live2Wander postcard. So if the travel bug has bitten you and you truly #Live2Wander, sign up for the chance of a lifetime.

जागतिक वसुंधरा दिनी अभिनेत्री सई ताम्हणकरने चाहत्यांना श्रमदान करण्याचे केले आवाहन

जागतिक वसुंधरा दिनाचे औचित्य साधून अभिनेत्री सई ताम्हणकरने आपल्या चाहत्यांना मातृभूमीसाठी श्रमदान करण्याचे आवाहन केले आहे. १ में रोजी सई ताम्हणकर श्रमदान करायला जाणार आहे. आणि तिने आपल्या चाहत्यांनाही श्रमदानाचे महत्व पटवून देणारा एक व्हिडीयो सोशल मीडियावरून अपलोड केला आहे. 

पाणी फाउंडेशनच्या स्थापनेपासूनच महाराष्ट्र पाणीटंचाईविरहित करण्यासाठी योगदान देणारी सजग अभिनेत्री सई ताम्हणकर यंदाही महाराष्ट्रदिनी श्रमदान करणार आहे. सध्या आपल्या आगामी सिनेमाच्या चित्रीकरणात व्यस्त असलेल्या सईने महाराष्ट्रातल्या नागरिकांनाही श्रमदानात सहभागी व्हायला सांगितले आहे. 

सूत्रांच्या अनुसार, श्रमदान करण्याचे सईचे हे पाचवे वर्ष असेल. सई न चुकता दरवर्षी महाश्रमदानात हिस्सा घेते. पाणी फाउंडेशनच्या श्रमदानाशिवाय  वर्षभर होणा-या कार्यक्रमांनाही सई आवर्जून सहभागी होते. 

अभिनेत्री सई ताम्हणकर म्हणते, "पाण्याअभावी रणरणत्या उन्हात तडफडणा-या गुराढोरांसाठी, पाण्याच्या शोधात बालपण हरवलेल्या लहान मुलांसाठी, डोक्यावर हंडे ठेवून पायपीट करणा-या बायकांसाठी, आणि करपणा-या शेतांसाठी मी ह्या महाराष्ट्रदिनी कुदळ-फावडे घेऊन श्रमदान करणार आहे. मी माझ्या पध्दतीने खारीचा वाटा उचलणार आहे. आपणही सहभागी व्हा."

Motoroyale launches the MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR America in India

·         A  limited edition model - only 5 units of the bike will be available in India
·         These bikes are at the pinnacle of the sports naked segment
·         The United States of America themed bike is powered by an in-line three cylinder engine
·         The ‘Extreme’ naked superbike delivers 140 bhp with 87 NM torque
·         It will be retailed for an ex-showroom price of INR 18,73,000/-

National, 22nd April 2019: Motoroyale by Kinetic, the exclusive distributors of MV Agusta in India, is launching the MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR America here. These superbikes are at the pinnacle of the sports naked segment and only 5 units of the bike will be available here, in India.
The name “America” holds a prominent place in the MV Agusta heritage. The primary reference is to the “S America 750”, a model that dates back to 1975  which boasted of an in-line four-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts, 75 horsepower and air cooling.  More than 25 years later, it was the first Brutale, the four-cylinder designed by Massimo Tamburini, to revive the name “America” with an immediately recognizable color scheme; red, white and blue.

The MV Agusta Brutale RR America is a part of the Brutale 800 RR series, which is an outcome of three years of detail-oriented development and improvements on a series that was already an industry point of reference in terms of style, in line-three performance and riding dynamics.
The extreme” naked, for maximum performance and the sportiest ride provides 140 Bhp with 87 NM torque, dual seats, concealed passenger grab rails, signature lights and a lightweight sub-frame. These are only some of the many elements that has made the Brutale 800 RR an instant icon. This brand new America” reiterates the attractive colour scheme on a mica blue base with iridescent reflections and horizontal graphic cuts that enhance the original characteristics of the Brutale 800 RR: irreverent design, top shelf technical features and as always an extreme attention to detail. The bike is priced at INR 18,73,000/- ex showroom.
Speaking about the announcement, Ajinkya Firodia, Managing Director of Motoroyale Kinetic said, MV Agusta bikes have a legacy of innovation, safety, speed and style. The limited edition America’ model has it all- striking looks, maximum performance and the sportiest ride. With the launch of the Brutale 800 RR America, we at Motoroyale have reinforced our objective of bringing the most premium bikes in the world to riders in the Indian market. In 2018, we launched seven models from some of the biggest global brands and we are building on our exceptional product repertoire with this first launch in 2019.
Motoroyale by Kinetic is the exclusive distributor of MV Agusta, Norton, SWM, FB Mondial and Hyosung bikes in India. The company currently has multi-brand showrooms in       Thane-Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kochi. Motoroyale is looking for the right dealership applicants and plans to open other showrooms in Delhi, Indore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata and other important markets.