Tuesday, 5 August 2014

​Aditya Roy Kapur's obsession​

​Aditya Roy Kapur's obsession​

Actors are usually obsessed about one thing.
​It c​
an be
​ a​
hobby or a passion or vanity.

Aditya Roy Kapur loves bikes in his house as well as outside his house.

Apart from
​a ​
huge show piece he also has lots of biking books and memorable items kept around his house.

n his living room
​, Aditya ​
has a huge show piece of
​a ​
bike. Anyone who goes to his house cannot miss it

Aditya is very fond of bikes and has an emotional connect with them.

He is a pure bike enthusiast and owns a Royal Enfield and a sports bike, Triumph.

The young actor absolutely loves bikes and has also placed a huge show piece of a bike in his drawing room

It is a miniature of a Royal Enfield and has been placed on a shelf at the entrance of his drawing room.

It is the first thing you can see when
 enter Aditya's house. It is something that no one can miss.

Aditya is a bike fanatic and loves to have them around him.

The bike lover has attended various bike events and is often seen navigating bikes.

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