Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bhojpuri over Rajasthani for P.K.

Displaying _MG_6857.JPGWhile Raju Hirani was planning to have the character of PK speaking Rajasthani, Aamir suggested the Bhojpuri language and Raju instantly felt it was a great idea
The language in Raj Kumar Hirani's upcoming release PK plays a very important role. During one of the discussions Raju felt that Aamir’s character can speak Rajasthani as a language which will be unusual. 
Aamir thought Bhojpuri will give a quirky and humorous touch to the character and at the same time people would be able to understand most of it.
The ace actor had been specially preparing for learning Bhojpuri since two years now. He wanted to learn the nuances and get the diction correctly.
He would try and practice in between shoots and schedules of the film because the language is very tricky to learn and requires certain diction.
Aamir has put in a lot of effort to perfect the language, and has created a lot of buzz by trying something different with this film.
PK will be the second project that will bring together Raj kumar hirani and Aamir Khan and is slated to release on 19th Dec 2014.

The teaser of the film was just released and has been loved by the audiences.

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