Monday, 13 October 2014

अली जफ़र ने अपनी सिंगिंग से सेट पर सबका दिल बहलाया।

Displaying IMG_56227-1.jpgRanveer ali Parineeti and Govinda got along extremely well and would chat around the bonfire which was put on every night post pack-up.  These sessions used to go on till early morning. Ali used to sing live for them and the rest of the cast would join in...they bonded over old classics as Ali sung unplugged versions of the songsAli say's "Shad is a lovely guy to work with and a music buff like myself. Ranvir is a great sport and a costar. Parineeti loves to song herself and was an ideal singing partner. So does Govinda. So luckily we had a mix of people who connected through music on some other level and I believe none of us would be able to forget the moments we all shared during the shooting of the film and also after wrap ups. Sometimes we would be up and singing till dawn. And again return to set to shoot in a few hours. I still carry the guitar Shad gifted me"

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