Friday, 10 October 2014

Huma celebrates Eid without family

Huma Qureshi always makes it a point to be with her family on Eid. However this Bakri Eid she missed being home. 

While she is an independent girl living on her own in Mumbai, away from her family in Delhi, she is all for family occasions.

‎Bakri Eid has a huge significance in her family and is celebrated in a big way.

But Huma has been so busy that this time she did not manage to go home. She had a prior commitment for which had to be present.

She celebrated the festival in a small way at her newly made home in Mumbai with her brother.

They celebrated it together by offering prayers and eating the traditional kheer.

Although Huma missed her family, she was glad she could at least celebrate the auspicious day with her brother.

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