Friday, 17 October 2014

Ranbir Kapoor impresses music Director Pritam with his commitment to work.

"Ranbir and I share a long association and now, I am composing for his home production, Jagga Jasoos. He came to me a few weeks ago asking me to compose a theme anthem for his football club Mumbai FC. I initially assumed it was a song and I composed it as such with Amitabh Bhattacharya composing the lyrics. When he dropped in at my recording studio last Saturday to hear it, he told me he didn't want a song," Shared Pritam, with no remorse about the song Ranbir scrapped. Explaining why no remorse, Pritam stated, “He told me he would use it in one of his films. He then sat with Amitabh and me for two hours and stated what he exactly wanted - an anthem which the crowds can chant without music and clap to as one. He was very clear that it shouldn't sound like a song and wanted it to be without music. It was really simple to compose this song. The best part of the experience was, that by the end of it, I understood that there's a director in Ranbir and that he'd soon become one. The way he took charge of the whole thing and recorded the anthem was fantastic - just a day before his club played the match in Kolkata. Ranbir knows what he wants exactly and guided us accordingly.” The fuzzy-haired music director  who recently returned from his much needed vacation claimed he was totally impressed to his how musically inclined his good friend and associate was… 

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