Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ranveer Singh comes to Parineeti's rescue

Displaying IMG_3500.jpgDuring the shooting of a song for Kill Dil, Ranveer singh calmed a horse down named Toofan.

There was a sequence where Parineeti and Ranveer were supposed to be on a horse. They were shooting for the song Happy Budday and there were around 600 junior artists and it was shot with chaos and pandemonium and amidst firecrackers.

Ranveer had to sit on the horse and Parineeti had to sit on his lap, she was very nervous as she has never sat on a horse.

Animals sense fear very easily and this horse instantly felt Parineeti was afraid.

The horse misbehaved and ran off with them both and it was Ranveer who calmed him down, he had come 2 hours prior for the shoot so that he could make friends with the horse.

It was due to Ranveer’s presence of mind that any mishap was averted.

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