Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sex Tape review by ANIZ FILMVALA

Sex Tape
review by

Explicit, outrageously funny and erotic in humor but the big scissor of Indian censor has gone kaput in swallowing the steamy portion and leaving only imagination for us of just getting the sneak peak.

As a reviewer I cannot write a full length view of the actual portion which has been cut and films ingenious plot [sex tape] which I did not have the access to.
This is the portion of the story which will be the price of your ticket and rest you can see it on your home theater [if you are lucky to get an uncut version].

Jay [Jason Segel] and Annie [Cameron Diaz] live their libido with full excitement and have sex anytime anywhere, one night Jay struggle to get an erection but in vain, Annie proposes of having sex in almost all position and makes it into a sex tape to thrive more excitement into their fading passion. All hell break lose when accidentally the video is synchronized in a group of people including one who is a king pin of You Porn. The couple goes berserk of erasing the video from the iPods which are in their know-how, also they have to deal with a neighbor's son who threatens to upload their sex tape if he is not paid a bribe of $25,000. As almost they succeed of erasing the sex video from all their neighborhood system the last being the YouPorn headquarters which they have to deal with.

Cameron Diaz is bold and sexy and does the role with grace and simplicity, Jason Segel significantly depicts the restlessness of a over obsessed sex starved hubby. The film would have been a worth watch if the ‘SEX TAPE’ was uncut.

Cameron Diaz as Annie
Jason Segel as Jay
Rob Corddry as Robbie
Ellie Kemper as Tess
Rob Lowe as Hank Rosenbaum
Nat Faxon as Max
Nancy Lenehan as Linda
Randall Park as Edward
Dave "Gruber" Allen as Mailman
J0ack Black as the owner of YouPorn

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