Sunday, 16 November 2014

Huma Qureshi is against wastage of food

While Huma Qureshi has set up her own house here in Bombay, she often has get togethers and parties at home with friends. We hear that get togethers in her house are the best and people usually come over for dinner as the food in her house is much sought after.

In such cases, there is a lot of food that is called for as good hosts make sure there is always more than enough food for their guests.

However, Huma Qureshi makes sure she makes all arrangements of leftover food.

The outlets may be different each time but she makes sure it does not get wasted.

Recently when she had a get together at home, she had called a group of youngsters who look into making this food reach the needy.

When the quantum of food is less, she gives it to the security of her building.

When contacted Huma Qureshi, she shares, “We all have get-togethers at home on occasions and I am sure everyone feels the pinch of all the extra food getting wasted. But not everyone can do much about it, that late in the night. So, now I make sure that the arrangement for the leftover food is done prior to the party.”

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