Wednesday, 5 November 2014

“Khamosh! Adalat Jaari Hai”

Blue Phoenix Production in collaboration with Leap of Faith Productions, brings out a classic social satire on stage- “Khamosh! Adalat Jaari Hai” by Vijay Tendulkar on 9th November
New Delhi, 4th November 2014: “Khamosh! Adalat Jaari Hai” is a Vijay Tendulkar classic social satire which portrays the hypocritical face of the Indian society. The story revolves around a theatre group and its members (symbolizing different facets of the social order) who get locked in the theatre before their show and decide to pass the time by playing a game of a false court room drama. The patriarchal society targets the free spirited Leela Benare, who is chosen as the culprit. Benare gets entangled in a web of lies and mockery which slowly uncover the masks of frustration, hypocrisy and orthodoxy from the face of the real society.
Directed by Gaurav Amlani
Produced by Blue Phoenix Productions and Leap Of Faith Productions
Mohak Pajni as Leela Benare
Aditi Arora as Mrs. Kashikar
Aakash Gupta as Mr. Kashikar
Eklavey Kashyap as G.N. Ponkshe
Ayushmaan Roy as Baalu Rokde
Yathartha Sharma as Samant
and Adhiraj Sharma as Sukhatme
VENUE : Lok Kala Manch , Lodhi Road (near India Habitat Centre)
DATE : 9th November, 2014 (sunday)
TIME :  6:30 PM

About Blue Phoenix Productions
Esablished in 2014, Blue Phoenix Productions is an independent commercial production house working towards expanding horizons in the field of performing arts and elevating the stature of theatre in Delhi by encouraging young blood to take charge of the stage. It strives towards transforming the spark of performing into a blazing fire of owning, breathing and living the stage. 

It was founded by two friends and theatre lovers Adhiraj Sharma and Gaurav Amlani. After graduating from Delhi College of Arts & Commerce and leading the college street play society - "Parindey" that got a chance to showcase it's peformances at the finest college level theatre fests of the country, along with making and winning accolades for short films, Adhiraj and Gaurav decided to pursue their mutual passion for theatre. 

They found likewise individuals in the Delhi theatre circuit and started to perform various roles on the stage. Also, they have been volunteering to impart theatrical arts to children at an NGO. 

And finally, in 2014, they both decided to launch their own production house "Blue Phoenix Productions" under the tagline - "From ashes, they rise", that suggests the ideology behind starting an independent production, which is combining the talents of the people who are scarce on resources and yet want to strive to make a name through the medium of performing arts.

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