Sunday, 23 November 2014

Roadies is the past, Monozygotic is the present Raghu-Rajiv break their silence

Mumbai, 22 Nov, 14: Raghu Ram & Rajiv Lakshman, television’s creative mavericks finally break their silence on the Roadies controversy that has been brewing in the media.

‘Honestly, I was completely tied up with my new company, Monozygotic and am surprised by this extremely random and malicious news.  I share a long-standing and strong bond with MTV and our parting that happened in February was very cordial. I explained to them why I couldn’t do Roadies anymore, and they understood.
We are currently working with MTV on a new show’, says Raghu. ‘In fact, the news of the formation of our company – Monozygotic was carried in Bombay Times in August. So how can I get ousted in November?’

‘I thought you could be ousted only if you were a part of something’ adds Rajiv, smiling. ‘I stopped working on Roadies two years back and to read this news is both bemusing and disappointing. Looks like the source didn’t even know the basic facts!’

On the issue of my ‘alleged’ temper, frankly, I am at a loss for words. I have worked for 11 years on Roadies and I have always felt my crew is my family. Everyone knows my crew. Their views are all over twitter.

Social media has been abuzz with support from fans including a horde of MTV Roadies cast and crew such as Rannvijay, Ayushmann, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Shaleen Malhotra, and other celebs like Nikhil Chinappa, Vikas Karwal and Jose Covaco.

‘I just hope that this unnecessary controversy dies down with our clarification and we can get back to building our new baby, Monozygotic, that’s where the action is’ signs off Raghu.

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