Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sidharth Malhotra does not leave home without protein bars

Displaying Sidharth Malhotra.jpgSidharth Malhotra has been on a high protein diet for his upcoming project ‘Brothers’.

The actor plays a wrestler in the film and he has been bulking up for his role. His look is completely different from his previous films.

In order to bulk up he has had to increase muscle weight in his body for which he has been consuming foods rich in proteins.

Therefore he has been on a high protein diet. He includes fish in most of his meals. He makes it a point to eat protein rich food.

In fact, Sidharth does not leave home without his protein bars. They are an important part of his diet.

He keeps a strict check on what he consumes everyday.

The actor has been training very hard to get into the skin of a professional wrestler.

He has been working out and is undergoing extensive training to build muscle. He has already put on 8-9 kilos. 

Sidharth is very dedicated and has been very strict with himself. He is leaving no stone unturned and thoroughly preparing himself for his role.

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