Wednesday, 10 December 2014

म्यूजिक लॉन्च से पहले आएगा बदलापुर कागाना

निर्देशक श्रीराम राघवनमैडॉक फिल्म्स और इरोस इंटरनेशनल नया ट्रेंड लाए हैं।उनकी फिल्म "बदलापुर’ 20 फरवरी को रिलीज होनी है और म्यूजिक लॉन्च मेंवक्त है लेकि  इसका गाना जी करदा वे पहले ही रिलीज कर देंगे। ये ऑडियोट्रैक आज रिलीज होगा। फिल्म को हीरो वरुण धवन ने बताया, "सचि -जि गर नेस्पे शल गाना कंपोज कि या है और दिव्याने अपनी आवाज से इसे खूबसूरत बनादि या है। ये गीत भावनात्मक कवि ता की तरह है जिस में फिल्म का पूरा सार है।टीज़र आने के बाद हमें लोगों ने गीत पर प्रतिक् रियाएं भेजी। इसके बाद ही डीनो(दिनेश विजानने फैसला लि या इस गीत को म्यूजि  लॉन्च के बगैर रिलीज़करने का। मुझे भी ये आईडिया पसंद आया।निर्माता दिनेश विजान ने कहा, "टीज़र के साथ गीत की कुछ पंक्ति यों को मिले रिस्पॉन्स के बाद हमने तय किया कि फैंस को इंतज़ा र कराने के बजाय इसका ऑडियो रिलीज़ करते हैं। हमेशाट्रैक को वीडियो के कुछ हि स्सों के साथ ही लाया जाता है लेकि  हम विधि वत म्यूजिक लॉन्च बाद में करेंगे जिस में वीडियो भी देखा जा सकेगा। फ़िलहालकेवल गीत हम 9 दिसबर को रिलीज़ कर रहे हैं।बताया जा रहा है कि म्यूजिकलॉन्च जनवरी की शुरुआत में होगा।

Jee Karda song from Badlapur to be launched before the song video!!

The makers of Badlapur have just released the teaser of their forthcoming revenge drama and it has already gone viral on the social network. Starring Varun Dhawan, the teaser has become a rage owing to its unconventional approach and Varun's killer looks, (a little literally too).

Apparently  the background song ‘Jee Karda’ which is a part of the teaser has also been garnering a lot of interest amongst movie enthusiasts, particularly Varun Dhawan's fan base. Thus going by the popularity of the song, in an unprecedented move by any production house in the industry,  the makers have decided to release the audio of the song before releasing the video. 

Varun says, "Jee karda is a rare gem. Divya's voice and Sachin Jigar have created something special. So when Dinoo said lets just give the audio out I was convinced because I believe this song will work purely because of the emotional poetry the song has which explains the entire film. I'm very thankful to Sriram and entire team of Badlapur for this song and now everyone will get to hear it.
The response to the track in the teaser was very strong so I know there is a demand for this song"

Dinoo further adds, "Music has been the backbone of all our films and Jee Karda is mine and Sachin Jigar's favourite track in Badlapur, with the kind of reaction Jee kar da has received in the short span that it played in the teaser and the way the online community has appreciated the track we felt it would be a great idea to launch the audio way before the video release thereby breaking tradition”

While the song audio will be available on leading music websites on 9th December , the video will be released early January. Well, this is a new way of marketing the songs, and we are rather impressed!!

Produced by Maddock films and Eros International, Directed by Sriram Raghavan, the film features Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in pivotal roles. Badlapur is slated to hit theatres on 20th Feb next year.  

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