Friday, 12 December 2014

Jessabelle review by ANIZ FILMVALA

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Creepy and sluggish ‘Jessabelle’ is a new age Horror film with high degree of shock and shiver’s but a weak story which dwindles as the movie advances towards climax.

A conventional premise Jessie [Sarah Snook] goes through a tragic phase of life losing her unborn child and fiancé in a road accident living herself on a wheel chair forever, therefore she abandons herself in a countryside home where she had lived in her childhood but something is in store for her, a horrifying past unearths when she starts watching the tapes which her mother had left behind. Preston [Marc Webber] a high school mate is the only support for Jessie to guard her against the nightmares which she has been going through.

Directed by Kevin Greutert ‘Jessabelle’ is not a extraordinary work of chills as there are occasion which will leave you exasperated as lot have been seen and heard especially the loud sound and grotesque make up effects to leave you shocked are very conventional method for Horror genre.

Sarah Snook as Jessie Laurent
Mark Webber as Preston
David Andrews as Leon
Joelle Carter as Kate
Ana de la Reguera as Rosaura
Amber Stevens as Jessabelle
Larisa Oleynik as Samantha
Chris Ellis as Sheriff Pruitt
Brian Hallisay as Mark

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