Wednesday, 14 January 2015


                   Kushal Punjabi who worked in Bollywood movies like ' Kaal ' and      ' Lakshya ', is returning to the big screen after a gap of seven years with
 ' Crazy Cukkad Family ', which he says will mark his comeback to movies. Kushal said he became an actor accidentally and has made a few wrong choices in early career, but he will only try and improve on his mistakes in his second innings.
" I have done a few mistakes before. I never wanted to become a full-fledged actor. I always wanted to do choreography and dancing. Then by chance i did some music videos. I got into films post that ... And then other films followed. I didn't realise that in the film industry if someone doesn't star as a hero, he can never become one. That was the mistake I made, " Kushal said.
" I feel I will choose better now. This is what I have learnt. I will improve on the wrong choices that I have made in my career. So thats it. ' Crazy Cukkad Family' is a great comeback for me, he said.
 ' Crazy Cukkad Family' has been directed by debutante Ritesh Menon and has been produced by Prakash Jha . It also stars Swanand Kirkire, Shilpa Shukla, Siddarth Sharma among others and will hit theatres on January 16.
The movie is a story about four estranged children, who come together for their ailing father in hope that he dies soon so his wealth will be theirs. Kushal plays one of the siblings.
" My character is the youngest brother to swanand kirkire and shilpa shukla . I play a very dumb guy, who can't think fast. He is greedy just like his other mad siblings, he said.

Besides starring in the film, Kushal is also behind conceiving the story idea and writing it with Suhas Shetty. 
" I wrote the idea with my co-writer Suhas Shetty. Ritesh came in later and he further developed the story. Then Prakash ji came on board. I find it surreal that something that I wrote is now a film. " He said adding he will continue writing from now on. 
" I am open to do many series. I am not sure about daily soaps. I auditioned for 24, but i did not get a part as I was a little old for that part. I am doing a new show titled ' Time machine'. It is not a daily soap, it is a big budget show on time travel and I have just signed a Hollywood Film, the suspense of which I would be revealing soon." Kushal said.

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