Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Aamir Khan's fan comes out in support of him over AIB roast

A lot of people have written open letters expressing their surprise over Aamir Khan’s views on the AIB roast. Here is a fan of Aamir who has come out in support of him and written an open letter, citing 4 reasons why people need to stop being hard on Aamir Khan.

He didn’t watch the video. How do you know that? He told you.
He said it himself. So to begin with, let’s stop saying that “He hasn’t even watched the video and is only reacting to what he has heard”, No shit, Sherlock! THATS WHAT HE SAID!
He heard about it, not from Vidyut or Pooja Bhatt or Russel Peters, he heard about it from Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor - who were part of the roast. He heard jokes that you yourself didn’t hear, because those jokes didn’t even make it to you the YouTube telecast. 
So, in some ways, he reacted to a more complete version of the roast, as compared to those of you, who chose not to spend 4000 and watch it live. I did.

“I’m all for free speech. No issues” - I quote him. HE said this. In fact, his films have been banned, his effigies burnt, BECAUSE he chose to exercise this very Freedom Of Speech. and think about it, that’s exactly what is happening yet again, isn’t that what the Open Letter Writers are doing? Isn’t this their version of Effigy Burning? - and again, because he exercised that same Freedom Of Speech.
Did he say that AIB should be banned? Did he say that AIB should be jailed? What the fuck did he say? He said that he didn’t like it. That he didn’t think it was funny and he wasn’t impressed.
In fact, what’s bothering me is how people like Russel Peters (who I usually think is hilarious) is asking him to shut up! How can we talk about Freedom Of Speech and ask someone to Shut up! I mean WTF! 
He also said actors are not artists. Don’t even get me started on that.
What if Aamir had come out, in support of AIB and said that he absolutely loved the roast, then you’d all be celebrating him right?
So, what you want is NOT Freedom Of Speech. 
You want everyone to agree with you. You Don’t Want A Debate.
Your attitude is:
“We Roast. We Funny. You Disagree. You No Cool.”
Isn’t that the same as the Right Wing?

That’s the catch now, isn’t it? The fact that he produced a really funny film that was full of expletives and now he says he isn’t impressed by bad language? How dare he! Haww. 

I know twitter is a medium of 140 characters, and it’s tough to understand anything that can’t be expressed in just that much, so i’m going to try explaining it in 140 characters.
“Delhi Belly is a fictional film. Arpita*, Farida Jalal, Reema Lagoo, Simi Garewal are real people. The Roast was Not Fiction. Huge difference” (I would have liked to add the word ‘Dumbass’ in there but I ran out of characters)
*If you watched the roast on YouTube, you probably missed out on the super crass jokes about Salman Khan’s sister Arpita, who btw, had not signed up for the roast. No prizes for guessing why they edited them out.
Are we really so childish that we think that if someone produced a film with gaalis, he has to enjoy it every time bad language is used?
By that logic, does Rohit Shetty have to jump with joy every time a car gets blown up, even if it happens in real life?
Does everything have to be simplified to such a stupid level?

4. What really gets my goat is how most people, who just can’t seem to have an opinion of their own, are sharing these rather smartly written Open Letters accompanied by their comments like “My Point Exactly” / “Have Lost Respect for Aamir” I mean, give him a break.
The man goes out and actually talks about LGBT rights, risking his conservative fan base. Famous people, some even from the LGBT community haven’t done that. And it doesn’t count if you’re joking about it. If you have the balls, take a stand for the issue. 
The man takes on Powerful Godmen, in a genuine Satire. He makes a film about Dyslexia that actually makes a huge difference to parenting not only for special but all children.
He actually apologises on National Television for having been part of regressive films. He takes on the media and the politicians in Peepli Live. And in almost every episode of Satyamva Jayate, he targets powerful lobbies. 
And then he voices his personal opinion on a fucking ‘roast’ and we lose respect for HIM and can’t stop writing open letters about how we’re disappointed in HIM?
What does that say about US?

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