Sunday, 15 March 2015

Debutant director Japinder Kaur is a task master?

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The songs of DILLIWALI ZAALIM GIRLFRIEND are already rocking the music scene, but when you ask the cast and the crew of the film, what’s the one thing you remember from the film they would say they remember being surprised at how their debutante director, Japinder Kaur went around breaking every rules of direction and came out a winner!

When asked, if he ever felt the pressure of her unconventional direction, lead actor Divyendu Sharma quipped, “Ya, sometimes I used to feel that she is too quality conscious, it was a tiresome affair keeping up with that. Whatever she wanted she used to ensure she gets it out of us.  Sometimes she used to get nervous but yet, from all her nervousness she used to get positive which encapsulates her artistic way. You just have to see the songs which are already buzzing the charts, you will see that she has broken all the rules in them. That’s her, thoroughly unconventional but completely desi!”

Dilliwali Zaalim Girlfriend starring Divyendu Sharma, Ira Dubey, Jackie Shroff, Prachi Mishra and Pradhuman Singh, produced by Manjeet kaur and Tarnpreet Singh. The film’s music is on T-series and is distributed by Waves Cinema and is slated for 20th March release.

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