Friday, 6 March 2015

Jay: the voice of the mute!

Jay Bhanushali is all set to come up with a social service video to create awareness against coloring our canine friends with holi colors.
"They are mute, they can't express the discomfort that holi colors cause them and to be the voice for them, Jay has come out with this concept," expressed our source.
Apparently the actor has three pets and is extremely caring when it comes to their comfort and health.
When asked why Jay opted to make a video on this particular subject, the actor quipped, "A lot of times I have noticed even educated people try to involve pets while playing holi etc.... agreed they are family, but that's not necessarily good for the pets. Their fur and skin doesn't agree with the chemicals etc. Let's not torture them for our own enjoyment."
May his clan increase!

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