Friday, 20 March 2015

Shraddha Kapoor throws a birthday party for her mom

Shraddha Kapoor planned a party for her mother this birthday.

Shivangi Kapoor’s birthday was on 12th March and Shraddha put in a lot of time to make her mother’s birthday extremely special. She wanted to make sure that it meant something to her mother.

fter a lot of planning, Shraddha organized a Karaoke party for her mom.

Little does anyone know that Shivangi Kapoor loves singing. Coming from a family of singers she has been gifted with the talent, is fabulous at it and thoroughly enjoys it.

While knowing this, what better gift to give her mother than a night full of music and singing with her near and dear ones.

Shraddha found out organizers who organize the karaoke and ensured all her mom’s favourite songs were there.

She also looked into catering, decorations and other details. She even made personal invitations to all the invitees.

10 days of planning and Shraddha was very excited. She planned everything to the T and wanted it all to be perfect.

Their close family members and Shivangi Kapoor’s childhood friends were present.

Her mom was really happy and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Shraddha Kapoor shares, "It was a lot of fun planning a birthday get together for mom. She loves singing so the cherry on the cake was the karaoke session."

She further adds "I am so glad it went well. She loved it and all her friends had a nice time. "

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