Sunday, 21 June 2015


Technology entrepreneur, writer-producer-director Nandita Singgha who has won many international awards from the Asia pacific region for her excellence in the technology field and who is also  in the midst of completing four -English-Hindi films viz. MID-DEY,J RETURNS, MEGACORP and RED has in a Press Meet in Pune on 19th June at her spacious office of Total Presentation Devices told the whole media that she is also going to launch Marathi films which will be also made for the International markets as Marathi Films are doing extremely well these days with the help of Govt.s support, high concessions, good subsidies,excellent satellitte prices and also cinemas and multiplexes giving playtime in a big way.Besides Marathi Cinema, she will also revive Theatre and will sponsor many Marathi plays too as there is abundance of Marathi talent which needs to be boosted with better remuneration for the actors, directors etc.Nandita is also in talks with various top production houses for  the rights of old Marathi Classics and remake them with today's relevance to cinema. Also, she will promote many new talents via Get Connected Programme thru Apps especially for  the 14-18 group which is a tender age and the age when the youth of the country decide their course for the future.

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