Friday, 31 July 2015

Culture Machine's latest video titled "Awkward things we all do"

Culture Machine gives us a reality check with their hilarious video "Awkward things we all do"
Culture Machine- The Digital Video Entertainment Company's popular channel Being Indian in collaboration with Old Delhi Films presents their video titled "Awkward moments we all face". This hilarious video features the most common yet awkward things we do in public. From accidentally spitting on someone's face to trying to hug someone while they are shaking hands. Enacting this unintentional yet funny reality on a common platform, Being Indian brings to us this video with a view to entertain us.
Being Indian through this short yet rib tickling video, aims to point out the quintessential bizarre things we do in public involuntarily creating a very awkward situation. This video is set to release on Being Indian's platform.

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