Sunday, 5 July 2015


 Renowned technology entrepreneur who is also a
writer,producer,director who is in the midst of completing four
Hollywood and Bollywood films viz. MID-DEY, J RETURNS, MEGA CORP and
RED has announced her foray into Gujarati films too. She hosted a
lavish Luncheon party for the Gujarati media on 30th June at Hotel Taj
Gateway Unmed, Ahmedabad who came in large numbers and listened to her
25-minute inspiring speech in rapt attention. She said:" What really
inspired me to enter the Gujarati field was the entry of GOOD ROAD, a
Gujarati film which was chosen for the Oscars and Bollywood filmmakers
were most certain that THE LUNCH BOX would be selected. It came as a
rude shock to many when GOOD ROAD was selected for Oscars and I like
to shock once again and pray that my films will also be selected for
the Oscars. I am aiming for this direction and this is possible only
if I work very hard in making the rare kind of cinema ,  mainly for
the youth. For this, I am now focussing all my attention to the
teenagers and the youth who will get help from the Get Connected
Programme thru Apps, especially for the 14-18 age group which is a
tender age and the age when the youth of the country decide their
course for the future.I will be banking very heavily on the new talent
wghich needs to be boosted."

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