Friday, 24 July 2015

Sandeepa's house trouble

​Talented Sandeepa Dhar never in her wildest dream thought that she had to
pay a big price for being an actress in Bollywood. Recently, Sandeepa faced
nightmare while she was looking for a house for herself in Andheri.

Its not new for Bollywood actors to face problems while they look out for a
house on rent in Mumbai. Latest victim of this trouble is our very own
Sandeepa Dhar who recently faced a lot of difficulty while finding a decent
house for herself.

Says Sandeepa,  " Finding a perfect house in Mumbai is a nightmare. High
end societies just don't want actors to be a part of their society. They
want to click pictures with you, they wants your autograph but wont rent
you a house."

Sandeepa is not the first Bollywood celebrity to face such a problem, in
the past Richa Chadda, Kalki Koechlin and few other celebrities also faced
similar issues.

" Its really funny that the amount of excuses people make for not renting
​ ​
the house. Right from we don't rent it to single girls to we don't like
media surrounding us all the time to *hamare bachche bigad jayenge*. Its
Bizzare" concludes Sandeepa Dhar

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