Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Culture Machine's Monsoon Special video "Raincoat Santa - DIY Raincoats for Underprivileged Kids”

Monsoon is a season that comes in with mixed feelings. While couples make the most of the romantic weather, kids enjoy dancing through the rains, but not all kids are blessed to do so in the absence of basic provisions such as raincoats. Culture Machine- The Digital Video Entertainment Company’s digital channel Blush along with Designer Anuj Sharma (NID graduate) from Button Masala launch their new video featuring these innocent kids. Blush along with the talented designer teach these children to make raincoats from everyday items like rubber bands and buttons.

Taking children from lower-income backgrounds who have no means of getting a proper raincoat to shield themselves from the harsh rains, Sharma along with Culture Machine did their bit for the betterment of the society and also that fashion isn't limited to the ones with a cheque book. Set in their houses, the kids even have a make-up and shoot session with their creations, posing for a picture as they flaunt away their colourful attire.

By touching the lives of these kids in such a beautiful way, the makers convey a strong message of making the most out of the little we all have. Titled “Raincoat Santa - DIY Raincoats for Underprivileged Kids” this video has released on Blush channel.

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