Monday, 10 August 2015

Rekha Bhardwaj lends her soulful voice for COLORS show, Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Ishq Ka Rang Safed, COLORS’ brand new show is all set to hit the small screen next week. The show set against the culturally vibrant city of Banaras, it narrates the tale of an impossible love story between Viplab and Dhani played by TV actors Mishal Raheja and newcomer Eisha Singh. Ishq Ka rang Safed has also roped in singing sensation Rekha Bhardwaj to sing the title track of the new show. The track aptly named ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ is inspired by one of ‘Kabir Ka Doha’. Rekha has sung this song before in 2011, from the album, ‘Kabir Chaura Sufi Chaura’ and now in 2015, Rekha Bhardwaj re-recorded the song particularly for the makers of the COLORS show along with not one but three different versions of the soundtrack! The versions were motivated by the many colours of the show itself; A Sad, Happy and Romantic forms have been recorded by the singer.

To see what is Rekha’s newer take for Ishq Ka rang Safed, catch the premier episode on 10th August at 6:30pm only on COLORS!

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