Monday, 19 October 2015

After watching Talvar, Talwar double murder case gets digital momentum.

After catching the recently released film Talvar, Bengaluru based Anand Gautam, associate vice president in a food startup, was initially taken aback with disbelief that there could be another side to the Talwar double murder case. 

This prompted him to dig up all relevant information on the case, including the final verdict. After spotting what he terms `some key happenings' that he couldn't digest, he started an online petition, which got 17,000 signatures in less than a week.

“I was baffled that such a thing could happen. There clearly was another side to the verdict that has been sidelined and not given due focus.I wondered how to voice my concerns. That is when I realised that an e-petition could help, because I've seen some effective ones before and even signed them. I decided to put together a concise detail of the points that I found different to help people think about it. I've also added links to more detailed stories in the petition,“ says Anand, adding that he was surprised many others thought like him and supported the petition. He continues, “There was a news report stating that the President of India has evinced interest to watch the film. I plan on adding his name to the list of people I've addressed the petition to, which, as of now, is only to the Chief Justice of India.I'm also glad that the petition has gained momentum and that celebrities like director Ken Ghosh and actress Sandhya Mridul, among others, have also voiced their support and shared the URL online.“

Apart from Anand's petition, there are two other petitions on that are direct results of watching Talvar. One of them asks for the Talwar double murder case to be reopened, while the other questions whether the CBI should clear the air about the rumours.

When asked if there were other films that have sparked off such petitions online, Preethi Herman, Country Lead, India, says, “There have been instances in the past when people started petitions based on feature films and documentaries.The website's users responded to the documentary India's Daughter and the AIB Roast with massive signature campaigns. However, in the feature film category, the Talvar petition has been one of the most viral one and is growing fast.“

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