Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Monica surprises us with her NotSoFilmy Diwali song!

Monica Dogra who is known for her free style music and personality has single handily set up a separate genre in the industry for herself. Apart from acing it in genres of acting and fashion Monica is popularly known for her music and writings. She is known for her NotSoFilmy quotient which reflects in her choice of movies, fashion and music. Diwali being a big deal for her even while in the States, the diva is all set to release her latest Hinglish song on the occasion on Diwali. Collaborating with some other NotSoFilmy people like the famous soulful Delhi based musician Prateek Kuhad and Uday Benegal from Indus Creed, this song is releasing on the 11th of November . Breaking the barriers of time and cities, the trio have been skyping and contatntly meeting up to make this unique song an instant hit. All the three artists are examples of talented and successful individualistic people who are jamming together for Diwali and doing what they do best- make music! This has been a lucky year for the star, apart from acting Monica is making space for her music at the same time. 

Monica says, “Combining our joint talents has been a blast and a journey of discovery.  So far social media has expressed loads of excitement.  The song is turning out to be a sweet upbeat tune of celebration and love.  Exactly what we all need this Diwali!”

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