Saturday, 21 November 2015

Spectre review by ANIZ FILMVALA


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James Bond, "007" the most magnificent spy of all the lot is here this time with a Dynamic visuals and chutzpah to dwarf the previous predecessor. Director Sam Mendes and his entire team have created a magnanimous installment of the series so far. Daniel Craig as "007” is unparalleled he has redefined the face and energy of the Bond aura, this bond is nearer to the reality and not fictionalized bullet proof object.

Mendes gives us all the elements of a bond movie, mind boggling opening is outstanding the subtle portions of drama is also engaging the action are well crafted including a mammoth blast is also spared out of the CGI. Cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema [last movie Interstellar] is an incredible creation of visual never before seen [especially the opening physical chase between bond and Marco Sciarra the camera follows them on an invincibly pace], also the main signature theme of the James Bond films is intact.

Our Indian censors have gone ruthless on killing the most important perspective of a Bond film ‘The intimacy’ this moments of Bond film are the most desired by all the fans and have gone down the drain in this latest offering ‘Spectre’. 

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