Friday, 4 December 2015

Tara Sharma Visits Salt Escape with her sons, Zen and Kai!

Salt Escape by Lyla and Jamsheed Mehta is the city’s first of its kind salt spa that offers salt therapy - a completely natural and non-invasive treatment to help alleviate many symptoms of respiratory an
d skin conditions. Salt therapy is based on the age-old anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory antiseptic properties of salt. Salt cleanses and reduces inflammations of the respiratory airways and skin, relieving one from uncomfortable symptoms of ailments like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds and flu, chest infections, coughs, eczema and acne among others.
Salt Therapy is a wonderful option for children as it helps to relieve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions and also builds immunity. Children are more sensitive to pollution and allergens, especially in big cities like Mumbai. Moreover, Salt Escape is a fun place for them as the children’s room is full of games, toys, books, puzzles and a TV. All they need to do is keep playing whilst breathing normally, and let the salt work its magic!
A name that spells Super-Mom is Tara Sharma who stepped into Salt Escape on a balmy afternoon with her adorable children to enjoy the Salt Therapy. Dressed in crisp white jeans and an airy blue top and with her adorable and identically dressed boys Zen and Kai, the trio matched the soothing colours of Salt Escape, Blue and White!
Speaking on her experience at Salt Escape, Tara affirmed that, “Salt Escape was super. A great place to be in clean air while having a fun and relaxing. I did not know much about Salt Therapy before visiting but have since read up on it and heard from you that it is very good to help treat respiratory and skin conditions and even just to breath clean air. Very tragically my Dad passed away 4 years ago of Emphysema, a respiratory ailment. Daddy fought the disease very bravely and together with great medical care he lived 9 years longer than first estimated. He was always researching and trying out new therapies and I think he would have loved and benefited from this. Iread some testimonials of people who have benefited and though it may not be fully proven, as there are no side effects, I would recommend it. I went with the kids and fortunately we do not have any ailments touch wood:), and even then it was lovely to just breath in purifies air.”  The boys who were clearly having a blast in the Children’s Room at Salt Escape, making salt castles with the faux snow that is actually salt. On the Children’s Room, Tara said that, “The children's room is lovely as full of salt and toys. Our kids thought it was being in snow except not freezing so they loved it! I enjoyed the fact that the kids were entertained and I could relax too. Also wearing the head and feet gear amused the kids!”
Research has shown that children react to salt therapy treatments quicker than adults do, and the results have been excellent. The majority of children show significant improvement in their symptoms in as few as five salt room sessions, which very often reduces their dependence on regular prescribed medication like antibiotics and steroids, which have damaging long-term effects. Being completely natural and drug-free, there are no side effects of Salt Therapy and it has helped thousands of children across the world to breathe easier, feel better, and resist infections more effectively.

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