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Ishq Mein Tere premieres on 27th January @ 6:10 pm &
Mann Ke Moti Season 2 launches on 26th January @ 9 pm

January, 2016:  Premiering two tele dramas this January, Zindagi presents Ishq Mein Tere at 6:10 pm & Mann Ke Moti Season 2 at 9:00 pm. Both shows will air every Monday to Saturday. Each show has a unique story that highlights the different challenges in life and how one can embrace the sweetness of love and bitterness of relationships.

Unfolding the difference between love and obsession, Ishq Mein Tere airing at 6:10 pm is a romantic drama that revolves around Aiza, a strong and independent girl played by Mehwish Hayat. Aiza’s charismatic personality draws in two men into her life - Shehriyar Hamdani is a successful businessman who carries with him the baggage of a failed marriage and is the father of Aiza’s best friend Laiba and the other is Saad Hamdani Laiba’s cousin, who works for Shehriyar and is Laiba’s love interest. Though both Shehriyar and Saad are captivated by Aiza, they have different interests for wanting her. The effects of these intertwined relationships creates a trail of heart breaks, unforeseen outbursts and complications. Will there be a new man in Aiza’s life or will one of these relationships take a new course for better or worse? C:\Users\Dan\Downloads\Ishq Mein Tere.jpg

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Mann Ke Moti Season 2 is a touching drama. Its first season was widely appreciated by audiences and is back on Zindagi by popular demand. This season, too, the show focuses on Faria’s life, her relationship with her husband Rahil and how she copes with Syra, his second wife who wants Rahil to solely be with her. Rahil, the doting husband and father is torn between his two wives and their respective children.  Watch how Syra’s choices affect the lives of Faria and her children. Will Rahil find a middle path with both families? Will he be able to resolve his familial discord or will circumstances compel Rahil to choose one over the other? 

Watch the dilemmas of love & life on Zindagi
Ishq Mein Tere premieres on 27th January @ 6:10 pm & Mann Ke Moti Season 2 launches on 26th January @ 9 pm

About Zindagi
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL), one of India’s leading television media and entertainment companies, launched Zindagi on 23 June 2014. It is a premium Hindi Entertainment channel that entertains audiences with superlative content. ZEE is amongst the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming in the world, with an extensive library housing over 210,000 hours of television content. With rights to more than 3,500 movie titles from foremost studios and of iconic film stars, ZEE houses the world’s largest Hindi film library. Through its strong presence worldwide, ZEE entertains over 959 million viewers across 169 countries.  
Zindagi is a reflection of ZEEL’s corporate philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ i.e., "The World Is My Family'. ‘Zindagi....Jodey Dilon Ko.’ The channel’s brand positioning is based on the fact that even if people across the world are culturally different; celebrate different festivals, the stories of our lives and the emotions we feel are universal and that binds us together and bring us closer. Based on this proposition, Zindagi started with airing content from Pakistan and has also introduced a show from Turkey and produced its first original reality series, Shukriya. Reinforcing its commitment to its viewers in its second year of programming, Zindagi launches its original fiction programming line-up with two shows – Bhaage Re Mann and Aadhe Adoore - that embody the spirit of the modern Indian woman.
Zindagi aims to showcase Real, Friendly, Vibrant and Premium stories and engages and interacts with its audience through diverse shows written by award-winning novelists and literary stalwarts. Many of these shows are adapted from famous novels and books. Zindagi is available 24 hours on both Analog and Digital (DTH and digital cable) platforms in India.

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