Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Priyanka floors her co-actors!

Priyanka Chopra’s dedication to her character on the sets of her upcoming cop-drama Jai GangaaJal earned her a lot of respect from the cast and crew of the Prakash Jha film. And among her new-found fans is her co-actor in the film Murli Sharma. “As an actor, we have always respected her for her acting skills, but she is as fantastic a person as she is an actor,” shares Murli.
Elaborating why, he reveals that while most stars tend to be very particular about their entourage, Priyanka actually asked her trainer to help him out. He says, “I got a neck condition because of which I wasn’t being able to work out properly. And work outs were important especially in this film as there is a lot of action involved. When Priyanka got to know about it, she asked her personal trainer to help me out. That was a sweet gesture on her part that just shows what a lovely person she is.”   

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