Friday, 3 March 2017

Sanatan Satya Channel Launched.

Bharat Upmanyu,son of a freedom fighter, World Renowned Spiritual Guide, Astrologer, Palmist, Writer, Director and Actor...adviser to the country heads, business tycoons and Bollywood superstars believes that Vedas are the ultimate Truth and Sanatan Dharma is the ideal way of leading a peaceful, prosperous life and attaining self-realization.

At the beginning of civilization our ancient saints and sages had recognized the reason for life on earth, the way of living it peacefully and achieving the ultimate goal of self-realization. However all these philosophies were lost over a period of time and have led to the current chaos and confusion regarding, religion, spiritualism, social structure and day to day human life. 

Our correspondent had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Bharat Upmanyu who shared his views about the futuristic India .He shared a very interesting point on population explosion,that in the last 10yrs or so India has shown a massive increase in the human population which can be the end of us because our mother land can take this much weight but when the weight explodes so will she and we will face a disaster.

Through the YouTube channel Sanatan Satya, Mr.Bharat Upmanyu's objective is to make people understand the Vedic way of life and popularize these ancient beliefs in the modern context and also establish their scientific basis so that the youth of today can experience that truth. Today the reason for despair in an individual, family and society in general is the ignorance about the real purpose of Life.

What is Life? What is its main objective and ultimate goal? Vedic saints after scientific research for innumerable years established the Universal truth of Human life to dispel all the confusion and lead a contended life.
Santan Satya means what was always true, is true now and will continue to be so in future. To reestablish the truth is the main objective of this YouTube channel by the same name.

Mr.Bharat believes that we can lead a happier life by knowing, understanding and adopting the Sanatan way of life.
Mr. Upmanyu holds the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in great esteem .He was very much sure of his success and had even tweeted to make Narendra Modi the prime minister even before BJP fielded him for the post of prime minister. According to Mr Bharat our prime minister is a combination of Vivekanand,Vallabh bhai Patel, Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose. He is very much aware about the ground reality; his only mission in life is not for himself but the progress and prosperity of our motherland India. He is selflessly working to make India a great country future ready.

Last but not the least his connect to the youth is the reason to launch Sanatan Satya on YouTube is very well defined, he wants the today’s youth to be selfless people with pure intention about not hurting others with their actions and deeds . The rest will take care of itself.


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