Saturday, 15 April 2017


Mumbai, April 13, 2017 – PNB MetLife, among India’s leading life insurance companies, along with its  partner Jammu & Kashmir Bank (JKB) announced the launch of JKB Family Protection Savings Bank Account. Technology is an interal part of this solution keeping in mind the J&K terrain. The partners worked together to develop a technology based platform to host this soltuion and enhance customer and employee expeirence.

JKB Family Protection Savings Bank Account is essentially a savings bank account with an element of protection built in. This combination of savings and financial protection to their customers with simplicity and ease of onboarding will further help JKB in its endeavour for “Financial inclusion and Financial Deepening”- savings account for all and provide financial protection to their customers. It is one of a kind being innovative, real time integrated and secured solution between various systems of J&K Bank like Core banking, portals, satellite applications, and that of  PNB MetLife systems. J&K Bank employees and customers can enjoy a seamless experience of not only sourcing and servicing by trust based login to PNB MetLife systems but also a single platform for a lot of other insurance information like knowledge centre for JK Bank employee. The core integration bundled with security measures like trust based login gives an enhanced and secured experience on various existing processes.

Speaking on this solution, Samrat Das, CIO, said, “Digitization is providing a huge impetus to financial inclusion. However, to deepen the impact and reach in challenging terrains such as Jammu & Kashmir, customized platforms and propositions are required. JKB Family Protection Savings Bank Account is a path-breaking technology based project leading to the launch of an integrated banking solution.”

He added, PNB MetLife team and the JKB team worked together to overcome many issues and launch the innovative technical bundled solution across 850+ branches in the state.This product is a noteworthy step towards making the relationship between J&K Bank and PNB Metlife stronger while serving the customers best.”

PNB MetLife embarked on their journey with J&K Bank in 2002 and since then they have covered lives of close to 350,000 customers of J&K Bank with life cover amounting to approx. Rs 11,000 cr.

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