Friday, 28 April 2017

The medical Fraternity comes in Support of Dr.Muffazal Lakdawala

Dr Arun Prasad, Vice-President of the Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society of India (OSSI),  the umbrella body of bariatric surgeons in India, has called the incident ‘unfortunate’ for the medical fraternity.

“As bariatric surgeons, we are extremely proud of Dr Muffazal Lakdawala and his team of doctors to have taken such a bold decision of treating this patient. So far, no one weighing so much (500 kilos) has survived surgery anywhere in the world. It is a proud moment for India too,” said Dr Prasad.

Dr KK Aggarwal, the national president of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), has also lent support to the team of doctors treating Eman at Saifee Hospital. IMA, the umbrella body of doctors practicing a ‘modern scientific system of medicine in India, looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community. Dr Aggarwal said the Maharashtra government, state health dept officials, the state IMA and the State Medical Council have to come together to tackle the issue.

Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala and the whole team gave a tremendous effort and showed a noble bravery to treat a patient in critical situation already. They have given the best world class care for their patient. Patient already had a lot of physical and neurological problems and necessitates a long rehabilitation course after a successful surgery. I think the family and medical community in Alexandria should be greatfull to these doctors rather than bullying on them. As a Bariatric surgeon in Istanbul, i know that CODS team is one of the few world class centers in Asia which can accomplish all the complex surgical procedures in such high risk patients. I heartfully support Dr. Lakdawala and the CODS team for the noble community work they have done for this and hundreds of desperate patients in medical camps in India which in few I joined personally as a visitor surgeon. I think a true and caring heart always wins against lies and allegations at the end.

Dr. Eren Taskin Istanbul- Turkey 

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