Friday, 15 September 2017

SVF launches a unique Social Media campaign forHoichoi Originals - Dupur Thakurpo

#ChooseYourThakurpo for #UmaBoudi asks people to pick the most deserving Thakurpo for the new Boudi in town

In the run up to Hoichoi’s launch, SVF has rolled out an innovative Social Media campaign to promote its upcoming Original Web Series, an adult-comedy, Dupur Thakurpo.

The campaign, which highlights the personalities of some major characters from the much anticipated show, has just gone live on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It asks users to choose one of the several interesting Thakurpos (Devars or brothers-in-law) that would be most deserving of the newly arrived Uma Boudi’s affection (‘Boudi’ is the Bengali name for sister-in-law).

Not only will the campaign tickle the funny bones of Bengalis, it will also create intrigue and anticipation for each and every Thakurpo in the Hoichoi Original web series.

There are the six Thakurpos seeking Uma Boudi’s attention:

1.     CD - Chitrobhanu Dutta, who wants to be Quentin Tarantino, the popular American Director, but has only 2 or 3 B-grade music videos to show as accomplishments.
2.     Choco - Kajol Chakraborty is a physiotherapist who utilises his profession to fulfil his dark fantasies.
3.     Kinky - Kinkar Sanyal has a secret import business of women's undergarments. His favourite pastime is fantasizing about women in lingerie.   
4.     Shomes - Aniruddha Shome thinks of himself as every Bengali's Byomkesh Bakshi and every Englishman's Sherlock Holmes, and thus has an investigative eye towards everything (basically, he is suspicious all the time!)
5.     Phantom – Ashrafi is a cricketer from Bihar, who orders lassi in a pub.
6.     MTV - Moral Tanu Bhaduri is an ambitious singer who unfortunately gets no producer.

Director Debaloy Bhattacharya says, "The word ‘Dupur Thakurpo’ has always been there in our culture...a forbidden word, it has never been explored. Now, we are indulging in the stories and characters that show how the Boudiand Thakurpo relation can be so vibrant. The Arabs had their nights and the Bengalis their ‘dupur’.

Dupur Thakurpo revolves around Indralok, a house situated in North Kolkata which is infused with new life as Jibon babu brings home a beautiful, young and vivacious bride, Uma. However, he is blissfully oblivious of the trouble likely to brew when a love-smitten Jibon babu agrees to let out three rooms to six young men on Uma’s insistence. Some not-so-appropriate things start happening. Five of them are completely enamored by Uma Boudi’s charms, ready to lay down their lives for a smile or a glance from her, while she plays around with them like a fiddle.

Amidst this sexual tension and cuckoldry, Indralok is full of life, adventure, fun, frolic and fantasy.

This series is one of the several entertaining and unique original web series being created with the best concepts, cast and crew of Bengali entertainment, exclusively for Hoichoi. It will be available on the App and Website. Dupur Thakurpo is directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya and stars Swastika Mukherjee as Uma Boudi, Abhijit Guha as Jibon Babu, Anindya Chatterjee as CD, Indrajit Mazumder as Choco, Soumendra Bhattacharya as MTV, Kartikeya Tripathi as Shomes, Apratim Chatterjee as Kinky and Taufeeq Ahmed as Phantom.   

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