Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Making our world #ashadebetter

Kansai Nerolac launches the most innovative OOH campaign of the year at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Terminal 1
Mumbai, 23 October, 2017: Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd (KNPL), one of the leading paint companies in India, recently launched an on-ground campaign at the Terminal 1 of the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport to reinforce its position as one of the best Marketers in the category in India. The campaign, titled – Making our world #ashadebetter, utilizes the luggage conveyer belt at the airport as the primary media. The aim of this campaign is to present the vividness and variety of shades that Nerolac offers. One of the many conveyer belts present at the airport has been converted to a giant, moving shade card, which not only gives the passengers a break from otherwise boring airport surroundings but also allows them to select their favorite colour for their home or work. 
Nerolac, as a brand, has always believed in constantly innovating in all the facets of business; products or marketing. The airport conveyer belt was selected for this activity as its basic mechanisms allows it to act as a moving shade card (fan-deck) and the entire execution looks very natural. Even though the conveyer belt was a natural choice, to ensure that colour reproduction is as close to real colours of the paints as possible, Nerolac’s team conducted rigorous testing to avoid poor reproduction of colours, smudges on the media and hassle-free functioning of the conveyer belt. After a testing of approx four months, they arrived at an optimum solution to carry out this activity.
The colours for this moving shade card were pulled out from the colour themes of the recently launched Nerolac Colour Guides, having 7 beautifully crafted colour stories created after months of pan India research. The stories in the Colour Guides are created to cater to the ‘designers within’, offering ideas and setups to explore and get inspired with. The books (Interior and Exterior) deconstruct the décor styles into quick design tips and concepts that consumers can immediately adopt in their homes.
Speaking about this, Mr. Peeyush Bachlaus, GM Marketing - Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. saidThere’s a need to find the consumers where they are instead of trying to reach out to them through conventional means. It is a must to deliver key brand messages on multi-layered platforms which can’t be restrictive in nature. We have continuously endeavoured to innovate brand messaging as well as consumer connect initiatives. This unique OOH installation is a testimony to that. We want our consumers to experience their surroundings and colours in a unique way wherever we can and doing something for the Diwali time passengers seemed to be a right way to kick start the integration.”
The passengers who experienced the belt on the day of Diwali were in for a surprise as there were personalized gifts waiting for them at the Nerolac Conveyer belt. The delight on their faces cannot be expressed in words. Here’s a video of the happy passengers as they experience this unique belt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0arL5MfNYBE 
…you can look for many such surprises in future from Nerolac, at the airport and at other places too”, Mr. Bachlaus added.

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