Thursday, 1 February 2018

Vision RX Lab introduces Blumax- Protective lenses

Protect Eyes from harmful UV & Blue Light
Kolkata, 30th January, 2017: Vision Rx Lab, has achieved another milestone by introducing Blumax protective lenses for the consumers in the Indian market.
Be it indoors or outdoors, our eyes are exposed to the harmful blue light emitted by the Sun, digital devices, even CFL and LED lights. Since sunlight also carries harmful blue light besides UV rays, it is pertinent to take optimum protection from such harmful rays both indoors and outdoors. Besides increasing usage of such digital devices as computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, television etc. leave us vulnerable to the dangers of “blue light”. Studies have shown that blue light in the visible light spectrum has very high energy which is harmful to the eyes. It has almost twice the energy per photon as red light that causes serious vision impairment like cataracts and other eye related issues.
Prolonged exposure to blue light causes digital eye strain, aggravates computer vision syndrome, blurry vision, eye irritation, headaches, neck and back pain and other aesthanopic symptoms. It also disrupts the circadian rhythm, suppresses melatonin- the sleep inducing hormone and might induce or exaggerate myopia, age related macular degeneration etc and can even cause irreversible vision loss.
To help combat harmful effects of blue light & UV rays, Vision Rx Lab introduced Blumax, a revolutionary material by virtue of which harmful UV rays and high energy blue light get absorbed. Unlike most other blue cut lens, Blumax is a material itself and not any coating. Blumax ensures filtering of the harmful portion of Blue Violet light to a great extent, thus providing optimum vision protection.
In addition to its unique quality of protection against UV rays, it also come with more additional features such as super-hydrophobic, anti-scratch, anti-static, anti-reflection and smudge resistance qualities.
Speaking on this new innovation, Mr.Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, CEO, Vision RX Lab, said, “What makes Blumax unique is that these lenses are designed to fit all prescriptions including single vision, bifocal and progressive, allowing users to avail the benefits of blue light protection along with their individual prescriptions. Besides, it also comes with wide range of coating options to make the lens durable and easy to clean.  Since its launch, Blumax has become a preferred blue light blocking lens product for its advanced lens technology and the entire Rx support it offers. We are really proud to offer Indian customers this unique technology which is solution of all eye related problems.”

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