Tuesday, 20 March 2018

“50 Beautiful Houses in India – Volume IV”

Introducing A New Genre Of Indian Contemporary Design

A new coffee table book consists of beautiful color images which give a rare and delightful glimpse into the fifty most beautiful houses from every corner across India, giving the reader a rich and luxuriant experience of a wide range and scope of styles and genres. A house is a living space that is self-defining and reflects the architect’s personal approach and architectural sense developed in his decades-long experience of working and teaching.

An Introduction to “50 Beautiful Houses in India – Volume IV” does more than simply establish a clear and precise classification of Residential Architecture and Interior Design that has emerged in India in recent years. It identifies works that largely represent current trends and tastes, across the country, from metro cities to second and third tier cities and towns.

Each property in this book tells a different story right from the origination of the idea to the treatment of its actuality which is the byproduct of the architect’s creation, giving a grand visual treat at the same time.

Most of the projects showcased in the volume, enable us to observe many of the characteristics that constitute an overview of the current state of architecture and design in India, making this volume of immense interest to architects, interior designers and students of this discipline. 

With over 50 handpicked designs which broadly define contemporary residential design in India. Ultimately, the houses presented in this volume all share a similar objective – to formalize environments that are suited to a particular function or lifestyle, as well as to respond to the needs of the clients, without compromising the design and aesthetics.

Focused on explaining the details and exclusivity of each house, the introduction to this title is by none other than renowned senior architect Mr. Alfaz Miller. The book is an outcome of an intense research work, making it an assimilation of truly unique, exquisite and stand-alone properties in India.

The book is a must have for Non-Resident and Indian Residents and architects as it provides a single reference point for emerging architects, aspiring home owners, art connoisseurs & book lovers.

This book is available at all major book stores across India or can be sought from White Flag publishers.

Contact No: 022 2866 5100 / 022 6180 2700

Website Link: www.whiteflag.co.in

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