Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Merz Pharma unveils the pure truth on anti-ageing therapies on 110th anniversary

L-R (Dr David Chang, Sonja Sattler, Manju Garg)

Mumbai – Monday, 19 March 2018 – Merz Pharma, an international healthcare company specializing in the fields of dermatology, neurology and metabolic disorders today celebrated its 110th anniversary. Merz is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry headquartered at Frankfurt, Germany.
Merz anniversary celebration event was to align everyone to the fact that Merz Pharma completes 110 years, Merz India completes 3 years and Merz India has all the products for the Indian doctors to achieve the most well-proportioned face in people and making them more beautiful. Mr. Raymond Ong, Regional commercial director-Merz APAC, Dr David Chang, Senior manager-Merz medical affairs, Manju Garg, Country Head-Merz India, Archana Kochhar, celebrity fashion designer and Noorin Sha who is an actor, last seen in the movie ABCD and who has facial measurements as per the golden ratio were a part of the celebration. Dr Sonja Sattler, a doctor from Germany who has wide experience in using botulinum toxins and finds merit in the use of PURE incobotulinum toxin i.e. Xeomin was the guest of honour.

The event also showcased a wide-ranging portfolio of aesthetic products offered by Merz India which includes Ultherapy, the only U.S. FDA-cleared non-invasive skin lifting and tightening ultrasound device, Xeomin (IncobotulinumtoxinA), Belotero (hyaluronic acid dermal filler) that enables physicians in India to meet the aesthetic needs of patients. “Ulthera has more than 1 million users globally” says Manju Garg, country head, Merz India.
The pure truth of anti-ageing therapies was unveiled at the celebration with 4 key messages about Xeomin:
Truly effective treatment performance: XEOMIN results are clinically proven. Efficacy and safety is well established and significant improvements are seen when the treatment is used for glabellar lines.
Highly purified: Xeomin is a botulinum neurotoxin uniquely free from complexing proteins thus providing the lowest possible risk of antibody formation. The unique manufacturing process of Xeomin removes complexing proteins which are not needed for therapeutic effect. Xeomin is distinct from other products as Xeomin is a purified neurotoxin which does not come with complexing proteins. Complexing proteins are foreign proteins, with the potential to stimulate neutralising antibodies. These neutralising antibodies act against the neurotoxin and may result in partial or complete treatment failure. This assumption is backed by recently released clinical data as in aesthetic practice, secondary treatment failure is being recognized more frequently. Five practices reported cases of treatment failure linked to neutralising antibody formation after the administration of conventional botulinum toxin containing complexing proteins. Thus, choosing a neurotoxin free from complexing protein provides low risk
More than a decade of trust and value: US FDA approved.
Highly stable – This is an added advantage for the physicians since there is no need for refrigeration for shipping and storage.
“We are focused on constant innovation and product development” said Mr Raymond Ong, Regional commercial director, Merz APAC. Merz Aesthetics serves the Indian practitioners more than just products. Merz Aesthetics is the 1st Pharma company to launch a new medical guideline to help aesthetic doctors achieve well-proportioned faces in Asians. “I am very happy to be in India for the 110th anniversary of Merz Pharma. Xeomin is a superior and the purest toxin available in the world at the moment” said Dr Sonja Sattler.

About Merz Pharma:
Merz Pharmaceuticals is an international healthcare company founded in 1908 specializing in over-the-counter and prescription creams, ointments and injectables in the fields of dermatology, neurology and metabolic disorders. Based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Merz is a leader in the field of Alzheimer's disease research and developed memantine as the first drug for the treatment of moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease.
Other franchises covered by Merz are hepatology / metabolic diseases and dermatology (including Mederma scar gel). In Asia Pacific, the Merz franchise covers aesthetic dermatology (including Radiesse and Xeomin).

Learn more at https://www.merz.com/

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