Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Soul surrender: Goa the perfect destination for women travelers! A Women’s Day special feature

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It is said, ‘The hand  that rocks the cradle rules the world’.  Today it  is said, ‘The hand  that rocks the cradle  explores the world!’

And  Goa is that perfect destination,  the melting pot for women travelers from around the world to converge, explore and experience  that peace and  tranquil  away from the humdrums  of life.
Women have been travelling more than ever experiencing both inbound and outbound tourism. Nowadays, women have been earning more and therefore spending more. This is dynamically changing  the trend of women travelling solo and in women-only groups. Financial independence and the freedom to behave independently has accorded to the rise of the modern female traveler.
As you all know, Goa is the most preferred holiday tourism destination, and is now gaining recognition as a popular tourist destination for women travelers.
MICE tourism has picked up greatly in the state and have seen women embarking on business trips most often these days. Subsequently, the number of travel providers offering their services exclusively to women has also increased.
Adventure tourism in Goa is rapidly gaining popularity amongst female travelers and has many takers. Women prefer leisure shopping getaways to adventure trips, and that’s exactly what Goa is all about.
Goa has also witnessed a surge in the number of female travelers and is reflected in every segment and every age group. The social media has given women travelers a great platform for quickly accessing information about destinations or activities that they would like to experience. Recent statistics suggest that more than 40% of Indian women opt to travel alone. This  also goes for  a sizeable number of  women foreign tourists who visit India and do not miss a trip to Goa even  if it mean a short halt vacation.  The ETV  regime has also added a further boost  to women  travelers  who opt for Goa as the Port of Arrival.
The demand for travel being very specific, well defined and safe is increasing and the state of Goa takes adequate measures to see that tourists especially women travelers feel safe and secured during their vacation.
Goa was declared as among  the Top 3 Indian Destinations for Females recently. This was highlighted by none other than Thomas Cook India. For Goa, the survey confirmed the fact that the beauty of Goa is in sync with the beauty of women.

Goa today offers plethora of activities for women in the areas of fashion, shopping, films, dance, cuisine, yoga, wellness etc. Goa is one of the top beach and nightlife tourism destinations in the country and thousands of women travelers visit the state to experience this uniqueness.

Cristina Piotti,  a freelance journalist said “During my solo week in Goa I had the freedom and the pleasure of experiencing one of my favorite type of holiday: a solo travel. I had one of the most relaxing, surprising,  and memorable time moving from Tiracol to Arambol, from Old Goa to far south. I loved the natural escapes, the crazy clubs, the great meals, and the lively atmosphere that Goa offers to a solo woman. I felt not just safe, but always welcome. As a woman travelling alone, this made the difference.”

Odette Mascarenhas, Goa’s Culinary expert said, “ Generally speaking- is safety the prerogative of woman in this day and age? No, we have a long way ahead to create a paradigm shift in the minds of certain sections of society. However, as a woman I am extremely confident to travel around in Goa anytime- day or night. For me, Goa is the perfect haven for a safe journey. Even if one has to travel solo.”

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