Monday, 14 September 2020

Lubrizol Optimizes Partner Network for FlowGuard® Plus Plumbing Systems in India

Mumbai, September 14, 2020: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., inventors and the largest manufacturers of CPVC compound worldwide, has recently appointed Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. as a new licensee partner for FlowGuard® Plus in India. Prince Pipes’ robust distribution network and strategically located manufacturing facilities align with Lubrizol’s plans to support the Indian plumbing market.

Lubrizol’s FlowGuard Plus Processor Agreement with Finolex Industries Limited terminated on 31st August 2020.

Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Ltd, an Aliaxis company and Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. are two FlowGuard Plus licensees in India. Lubrizol remains committed to delivering clean water and peace of mind everyday to India’s plumbers, engineers, builders, consultants and homeowners through FlowGuard Plus plumbing systems.

For information on Lubrizol, please visit

LWA - Sintered Fly Ash Coarse Aggregate by IMFA receives ISI certification

Bhubaneswar, 14th September, 2020: Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd (IMFA) receives BIS certification for its Sintered Fly Ash Coarse Aggregate. The fly ash aggregate by IMFA is the first and the only in India to comply with the ISI quality standards. The licence is granted by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

The national standards body of India granted to use the ISI Standard Mark “IS 9142 (Pt-2): 2018” for specified size of Sintered Fly Ash Coarse Aggregate falling under the product category of Artificial Light Weight Aggregate for Concrete.

Commenting on the feat, Mr Subhrakant Panda, Managing Director said, “We are delighted that our pioneering work for productive use of fly ash by way of converting to lightweight aggregate is recognised with BIS certification. This reiterates our commitment to produce an eco-friendly substitute for natural stone chips used in construction and value proposition from waste material.”

Notably, the LDA (Low Density Aggregate) plant is envisioned for gainful utilisation of fly ash generated from our captive power plants for making Fly Ash Aggregate.

IMFA’s focus is on efficient utilization of resources and environment friendly operations. We have built zero effluent water discharge system and automated plants to manufacture 100,000 bricks per day from fly ash and slag.

Fly Ash Aggregate is unique with more than 90% fly ash in its composition, the highest in any fly ash based product. This is a substitute of natural coarse aggregate (stone chips) in concrete. This provides additional advantage of lower dead weight in civil constructions.

Del Monte launches Raw Seeds to strengthen health and wellness portfolio

Del Monte seeds range includes Flax, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds 

As pioneers in packaged fruits with a heritage that goes back more than a century, Del Monte believes in sourcing the tastiest and best quality products from around the world for consumers in India. 
With the same philosophy Del Monte introduces its edible Raw Seeds Range with an exclusive launch on Amazon. The range includes Flax, Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds which are sourced from the best farms and are packed with nutrition. The Del Monte seal of approval ensures that the best quality seeds make it to every pack. 
These edible raw seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and can be consumed across all age groups. They are richsources of dietary fibre, protein and are enriched with antioxidantsthat help boost immunity. 
The exciting new range of Del Monte seeds adds a healthy twist to your diet; you can add them to your breakfast to kick start your day or just pop them straight out of the pack while you’re on the go. 
Del Monte’s edible Raw Seeds are available in 250 g packs exclusively on Amazon Pumpkin Seeds – Rs. 300, Flax Seeds – Rs. 125 and Sunflower Seeds –Rs. 200. 

Bring home Del Monte Raw Seeds and nurture your everyday health. 

Friday, 7 August 2020

OnMobile Global Announces the outcome of its Board Meeting

The Board of Directors of OnMobile Global Limited ('the Company') at the meeting held on July 31, 2020 approved the following:

1.      Resignation of Mr. François-Charles Sirois from the position of Chief Executive Officer of OnMobile Global Limited ("the Company") with effect from closing of business hours of August 02, 2020 while continuing as Executive Chairman of the Company.

2.      Appointment of Mr. Krishnan Seshadri as Chief Executive Officer of the Company w.e.f. August 03, 2020.

Mr. Krishnan Seshadri is a seasoned digital/ technology leader with over two decades operating experience across India, Asia-Pacific, USA and Europe.
Most recently, Mr. Krishnan was CEO of APAC and Middle East operations where he led the online recruiting leader's P&L, product, technology, sales, marketing and partnerships. Mr. Krishnan is an engineering graduate from Stanford University and has an MBA from London Business School where he was a Chevening Scholar.

3.      Appointment of Ms. Geeta Mathur (DIN: 02139552) as an Independent Non- Executive Additional Director of the Company with effect from July 31, 2020.

Ms. Geeta Mathur is an experienced finance professional having worked as a banker both on the asset side and risk side and with large corporate treasuries and investor relations 
She started her career with ICICI, where she worked for over 10 years in the field of project, corporate and structured finance as well represented ICICI on the Board of reputed companies such as Eicher Motors, Siel Limited etc. She then worked in various capacities in large organizations such as IBM and Emaar MGF across areas of Corporate Finance, Treasury, Risk Management and Investor relations. 
She is a graduate in Commerce from Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi University and did her articles with PriceWaterhouse while pursuing her CA.

4.      Appointment of Mr. Steven Fred Roberts (DIN:08815252) as a Non- Independent Non- Executive Additional Director of the Company with effect from July 31, 2020.

Steven Roberts, Global Vice President of Competive Gaming, is responsible for designing and executing a strategy around the dynamic industry of esports for the PlayStation platform and its 100 mm plus homes. Most recently, Roberts was Chairman of ESL NA, the largest esports company in the world. He largely focused on strategic partnerships, media distribution, production and overall mentorship of the executive team. 
Prior roles were as Senior Vice President for DIRECTV, Inc. In this position, Steven was responsible for developing and executing strategies designed to integrate the traditional DIRECTV entertainment experience on the set-top-box with emerging digital technologies.
Roberts holds a bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley

Monday, 3 August 2020

इंफोर्मा मार्केट्स आणि ज्वेलरी नेट यांच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने भारतात ‘ज्वेलरी अँड जेम व्हर्च्युअल एक्झिबिशन’ लॉन्च

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भारताचे पहिले बी2बी ऑनलाईन ज्वेलरी एक्झिबिशन 

मुंबई, 30 जुलै, 2020: भारतात इंफोर्मा मार्केट्स (पूर्वीची युबीएम इंडिया), ही भारताची अग्रगण्य बी2बी एक्झिबिशन ऑर्गनायझर असून तिने बी2बी ऑनलाइन कम्युनिटी ज्वेलरी नेट सोबत व्यावसायिक खरेदीदार तसेच विक्रेता यांना एकत्र घेऊन ज्वेलरी ग्रुप ऑफ इंफॉर्मा मार्केट्स प्रस्तुत सर्वसमावेशक डिजीटल मंचासह नवीन स्वरुपाच्या ‘ज्वेलरी अँड जेम व्हर्च्युअल एक्झिबिशन’ची 19-20 ऑगस्ट 2020 रोजी आयोजनाविषयी घोषणा केली आहे. 

सध्या करोना महासाथीचे सावट असल्याने सुरक्षेच्या उपाययोजना म्हणून प्रवासावर निर्बंध असून समाजात वावरताना शारीरिक अंतर राखावे लागते आहे. या स्थितीमुळे प्रदर्शन उद्योगावर मोठा परिणाम झाला असून कुठेही वास्तविक प्रदर्शन भरवले जात नाही. तरीच काळाची गरज ओळखून आभूषण आणि खडे/रत्न उद्योगात नवचैतन्य निर्माण करण्याच्या उद्देशाने ‘ज्वेलरी अँड जेम व्हर्च्युअल एक्झिबिशन’चे काळजीपूर्वक आरेखन करण्यात आले. यामुळे व्यावसायिकांना सध्याच्या कठीण काळात आपला व्यवसाय स्थिर करण्याची संधी मिळेल. त्याचप्रमाणे आवश्यक ते उपाय उपलब्ध होणार आहेत. 

द बुलियन अँड ज्वेलर्स असोसिएशन, मालिवारा ज्वेलर्स असोसिएशन, दिल्ली, मीरत बुलियन ट्रेडर्स असोसिएशन, हायटेक सिटी ज्वेलरी मॅन्युफॅक्चरर्स असोसिएशन आणि ज्वेलरी अँड मशिनरी असोसिएशनच्या साह्याने ‘ज्वेलरी अँड जेम व्हर्च्युअल एक्झिबिशन’द्वारे लोकप्रिय ब्रँड, सल्लागार, व्यवसाय तज्ज्ञ आणि प्रमुख सरकारी अधिका-यांच्या सोबतीने रत्न आणि आभूषण उद्योगाशी निगडीत घटकांना समान व्हर्च्युअल मंचावर एकत्र आणणार आहे. यावेळी सहभाग दर्शवणाऱ्यांमध्ये ज्वेलरी होलसेलर्स, रिटेलर, इम्पोर्टर आणि एक्सपोर्टर्स असतील. तसेच ज्वेलरी मॅन्युफॅक्चरर, डायमंड, जेमस्टोन, पर्ल सप्लायर आणि ट्रेडर्स, मौल्यवान धातू आणि दागिने घडवणारे व्यापारी तसेच पुरवठादार व व्यापार आणि सरकारी संघटनांच्या प्रतिनिधींचा समावेश असेल. हे सर्व घटक एकाच छताखाली एकत्र येतील, एकमेकांशी जोडले जातील, त्यांचे संपर्कजाळे तयार होईल आणि व्यवसाय वाढीला लागेल.     

या व्हर्च्युअल शोमध्ये भारतातील राज्ये, जसे की महाराष्ट्र, दिल्ली, गुजरात, तामिळनाडू, तेलंगण, उत्तर प्रदेश, जम्मू-काश्मीर, कर्नाटक, पश्चिम बंगाल सहभागी होणार आहेत. 

प्रदर्शनाला व्हर्च्युअल स्रोत, व्यवसायाचे आयोजन करण्यासाठी, ज्ञानाचे आदानप्रदान करण्यासाठी; त्याचप्रमाणे वैश्विक बाजारातील ट्रेंड्स जाणून घेण्यासाठी अद्वितीय मंच आवश्यक होता. जेणेकरून सध्याच्या कठीण काळात प्रोत्साहन मिळेल. सोबतच सोने, हिरे, चांदी, खडे-रत्न, यंत्र आणि तत्सम घटकांना वाहिलेले पव्हिलियन या प्रदर्शनात उपलब्ध असतील. जे अनेक जागतिक दर्जाच्या वैशिष्ट्यांनी जसे की डिझायनर गॅलेरी, 50,000 हून अधिक डिझाईननी सजलेले असतील, त्यात खरेदीदार-विक्रेते व्हिडियो मीट, डिजीटल शोरूम, प्रोडक्ट लॉन्च, माहितीपूर्ण मालिकांचा समावेश राहील. मुख्य उत्सवापूर्वी व्हर्च्युअल एक्स्पोची धोरणात्मक आखणी करण्यात आली आहे. लवकरच लग्नसराईला सुरुवात होत असल्याने खरेदीच्या दृष्टीने ही वेळ योग्य ठरेल. 

‘ज्वेलरी अँड जेम व्हर्च्युअल एक्झिबिशन’ची ही पहिलीच वेळ असल्याने त्याविषयी बोलताना भारतातील इंफोर्मा मार्केट्सचे व्यवस्थापक संचालक योगेश मुद्रास म्हणाले की, “उद्योग क्षेत्रातील खडे आणि आभूषण परिघातील पहिलाच व्हर्च्युअल प्रयत्न करत असल्याने आम्ही अतिशय उत्सुक आहोत. हा कार्यक्रम अग्रगण्य-अत्याधुनिक वेब आधारीत मंच उपलब्ध करून देणार असून त्यात उच्च गुणवत्तापूर्ण, ज्वेलरी प्रकार, अंदाज, बाजाराचे ट्रेंड आणि नेटवर्किंग संधींची खातरजमा करतील. हे सर्व बोटाच्या एका अग्रभागावर शक्य होणार आहे. टाळेबंदीत शिथिलता आणण्याच्या पहिल्या टप्प्यात रत्न आणि दागिने उद्योग पुन्हा हळूहळू रुळावर येऊ लागला आहे. ग्राहकांच्या वागणुकीत मोठा बदल जाणवतो आहे. आता नव्याने परिस्थितीशी एकरूप होण्याच्या प्रयत्नात असलेल्या ग्राहकांच्या बदलत्या गरजांनुसार दागिने विक्रेता समुदायाला परिवर्तन आणावे लागेल.  सध्या बाजारपेठेत आलेल्या बदलासोबत जुळवून घेण्याचा ज्वेलरी अँड जेम व्हर्च्युअल एक्झिबिशन प्रयत्न असणार आहे. सध्याच्या विपरीत परिस्थितीत व्यापारासाठी संघटीत रचना तयार करणे, आपल्या खरेदीदार समुदायाकरिता असमांतर मानक स्थापनेचा मानस आहे. या प्रदर्शनाच्या माध्यमातून आत्मविश्वास, वैविध्य, अस्सलता आणि पारदर्शकता निर्माण करायची आहे.” 

रत्न आणि आभूषण क्षेत्र हे एक श्रेष्ठ क्षेत्र असल्याचा स्वीकार भारत सरकारने केला असून भारताची निर्मिती क्षमता सुधारून गुंतवणूकदारांना हात देण्याचा प्रयत्न आहे. कोविड-19 या एकमेव घटकामुळे आभूषण मागणी कमी झाली, त्यावर विपरीत परिणाम झाला. अलीकडच्या वर्ल्ड गोल्ड कौन्सिल रिपोर्ट अनुसार 2020 च्या पहिल्या तिमाहीत वैश्विक दागिन्यांना मोठा फटका बसला, त्यात 39% ची घट आली. भारतासाठी अकरा वर्षांतील 41% घसरण पाहायला मिळाली. तर 2020 च्या 1 ल्या तिमाहीत सोन्याचा भाव मात्र आकाशाला भिडणारा राहिला. त्यात ऐतिहासिक वृद्धी नोंदवली गेली. 1.0 अनलॉक सुरू झाल्यापासून रत्न आणि आभूषण क्षेत्र टप्प्याटप्प्याने सर्वसामान्य होऊ लागले असताना त्यात विक्रीमध्ये 20-25% वसुली पाहायला मिळाली. तरी अजूनही अनिश्चिततेचे सावट आहे, भारतीय लोक सोन्याकडे भावनिक आणि व्यावहारिक दृष्टीने पाहतात. कारण ही एक सुरक्षित गुंतवणूक ठरते. सोन्याकडे केवळ एक शोभिवंत गोष्ट म्हणून पाहिले जात नाही तर ते सुरक्षेचे चिन्ह ठरते. 

या व्हर्च्युअल एक्स्पोमध्ये उद्योग क्षेत्रातील तज्ज्ञांचा सहभाग असलेले द्रष्टे सेमिनार होणार आहेत, ज्यामध्ये रत्न आणि आभूषण उद्योग क्षेत्र : ‘न्यू नॉर्मल;चा स्वीकार करताना, सोने : 2020-21 मधील धोरणात्मक मालमत्ता, सरकारी आदेश आणि हॉलमार्कींगचे उद्योगसंबंधी फायदे इत्यादीवर चर्चा होईल. यावेळी होणाऱ्या परिसंवादात ब्युरो ऑफ इंडियन स्टँडर्ड्स, जीआयए, देशामधील सर्वोच्च दागिने समितींशी संलग्न काही प्रमुख मान्यवरांची उपस्थिती रोमांचक ठरेल. 

यंदाच्या प्रदर्शनकर्त्यांच्या यादीत व्हीके ज्वेल्स, एसएमआर, तन्वी गोल्ड कास्ट, स्वर्णशिल्प, जेकेएस अशा नावांचा समावेश आहे. भारतात इंफोर्मा मार्केट्सच्या वतीने ज्वेलरी पोर्टफोलियोची सुरुवात करताना एचजेएफ आणि डीजेजीएफच्या यशस्वी वेबिनार मालिकांचा समावेश असून त्यात समस्या व्यवस्थापन, अस्तित्व राखणे आणि पुनरुज्जीवन धोरणासह परिणाम दाहकता कमी करणे तसेच उत्तर भारतातील रत्न आणि आभूषण उद्योग क्षेत्र : आव्हानांपासून उपायांच्या दिशेने मार्गक्रमणा आदी विषयांची चर्चा होईल.   

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The Phoenix Mills Limited to reopen its retail malls in Maharashtra

Malls reopen on August 5, by adhering to all SOPs to ensure a safe shopping experience for customers
Mall Timings – 11 am to 7 pm

Safety protocols for customers:
  • UV Scanner at entry for disinfecting handbags
  • UV Box for disinfecting shopping bags after shopping
  • Thermal scanners at entrances
  • Aarogya Setu app to be checked
  • Safe Air Conditioning as per Government Guidelines
  • Sanitization mats at malls entry for disinfecting customers  footwear
  • Mandatory wearing of masks inside the mall
  • Floor markers across  the mall to ensure social distancing of 1.5 metres
  • Pre-sanitised shopping bags, trolleys and baskets available to shoppers in all stores
  • Hand sanitizers placed at multiple locations
  • Digital/contactless payment (via Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay, etc.) for parking and retail counters encouraged

Safety protocols for retailers:
  • Security personnel screening mall with thermo guns
  • Stores to be managed with minimal staff
  • Availability of sanitizers at all times in the store
  • Supply of material into the mall restricted during operational hours.

Mumbai / Pune August 3, 2020: The Phoenix Mills Limited (PML), India’s largest retail-led mixed-use asset developer and operator, today announced the reopening of its three flagship retail malls in Maharashtra as per the Unlock 3.0 guidelines of the Government of Maharashtra. PML will be welcoming customers back across its flagship properties in the state, Palladium & High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel Mumbai, Phoenix Marketcity in Mumbai, and Phoenix Marketcity in Pune, beginning August 5.
Commenting on the announcement, Ms. Rashmi Sen, Chief Operations Officer - Malls, The Phoenix Mills"The Phoenix Mills Limited and our brand partners welcome Maharashtra State Government's decision to reopen malls and shopping centres. The decision will give a much-needed boost to the state’s retail industry. This is a positive step towards rekindling India’s consumption story. Our malls have incorporated the highest quality SOPs to ensure the safety of our customers, retail partners and employees across our properties. We are fully prepared to welcome our guests with the new safe shopping experience."
Comprising a large chunk of the organized retail sector, malls and shopping complexes provide vital support to India’s consumption economy. However, in recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has created fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour, especially related to shopping. People look forward to higher hygiene standards, minimal contact service, and enhanced responsibility while shopping after the lockdown. Malls are ensuring a ‘Safe Shopping’ experience for their patrons by implementing strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prevent the virus’s spread
Ms. Rashmi Sen, further added, “As part of our safety SOPs, we have set up stringent protocols to limit the number of customers at retail stores, restrooms, and elevators. Our malls have implemented globally -accepted safety features such as a crowd density control system at mall entry, UV Scanning Systems at mall entry points for handbags, UV Boxes for sanitizing shopping bags, and sanitization mats at mall entry points for sanitising footwear. Wearing of masks, temperature checks at the mall entrances, social distancing using floor markers and sanitizers at strategic locations will be strongly enforced across the malls. The mall management has provisioned for contactless digital payment methods at all touchpoints i.e. stores, parking, F&B stores, and food courts. Each mall has also set up an isolation room and an ambulance for contingencies. We have ensured all measures to ensure the safety of customers in a safe shopping zone.”
The Phoenix Mills has adopted several measures across its malls to meet the new operational standards of quality and safety. These will be implemented across customers, retail partners and employees ensuring a safe shopping experience for all.

Monday, 27 July 2020

Huawei's Guo Ping: Unlock the Full Potential of 5G to Drive Commercial Success


Synergy across five major tech domains is key


[Shenzhen, China, July 27, 2020] On the opening day of the online Better World Summit, Huawei's Rotating Chairman Guo Ping elaborated on how synergy across five major tech domains will help unlock the full potential of 5G to drive commercial success. Guest speakers from China Telecom, Etisalat, MTN, GSMA, and 3GPP/ETSI were also joined by several thousand online attendees from more than 80 countries to explore how information and communications technology (ICT) can power new economic growth both now and in a post-pandemic world.

Guo Ping talks about 5G commercial success at the Better World Summit 2020


Working together to fight the pandemic with technology

The pandemic has reshaped how we live and work, and has dealt a heavy blow to the world economy. Fortunately, ICT offers a concrete set of tools to aid in the fight against COVID-19 on multiple fronts.


"As an ICT company, it's our responsibility to use the technology we have to help contain and defeat this pandemic," said Guo. "Together with our partners and customers, including carriers and enterprises of all types, we can use technological solutions to effect a positive impact on our communities."


"By drawing on our experience in early hotspots, we have developed nine scenario-based solutions that use ICT technology to help combat the pandemic. Whether it's hospital network deployment, remote consultation, online education, or restarting governments and businesses, we've been sharing our experience and capabilities to help control the spread of the virus and reopen economies."


Unlocking the full potential of 5G: Synergy across five major tech domains

There are already more than 90 million 5G users worldwide. "As global 5G deployment begins to wrap up, we need to strengthen our focus on industry applications," Guo said. "This will help us unleash the full potential of 5G."


The business case for 5G is not just better connectivity. When technologies like 5G, computing, cloud, and AI come together, they reinforce each other and create numerous opportunities across five major tech domains: connectivity, AI, cloud, computing, and industry applications.


"Huawei has in-depth strengths in each of these domains," Guo continued. "We can mix and match them to create scenario-based solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers and partners. This is key to unlocking the full potential of 5G and driving commercial success."


For 5G to succeed commercially, the entire industry needs to work together. Vertical industry applications can be replicated at scale only when unified industry standards and a collaborative ecosystem are in place. "Moving forward, Huawei will double down on efforts to equip our partners with the capabilities they need," Guo said. "We will promote joint innovation, and drive growth for everyone in the value chain."


Balancing short-term and long-term goals: Precise deployment for maximum value

Guo said, "Given the current economic environment, carriers need to focus on both short-term and long-term goals. More precise deployment is how they can maximize the value of their networks." Huawei has three suggestions for this.


  • First, carriers should prioritize user experience and spend money where it's needed most to maximize the value of existing networks.
  • Second, carriers should make the most of existing 4G and FTTx networks, and integrate them with new 5G networks through holistic coordination and precise planning.
  • Third, 5G deployment plans should prioritize hotspots and key industry applications.


The Better World Summit was broadcast live in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. For more information, click here.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Atul Nishar’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs

Mumbai, 21 July 2020: Atul Nishar, President- Tie Mumbai recently participated in a My Story Session organized by TiE Pune titled “Humble Acorns become mighty oaks” and elaborately spoke about his humble beginning and his amazing entrepreneurial journey. This session was moderated by Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman 5F World &Ex CEO Zensar. 

“A strong management team, new age ideas, scalability of a business and the integrity of promoter is extremely important for any business” said Atul Nishar, President- Tie Mumbai.

As a serial entrepreneur, Atul Nishar has founded many successful ventures including Hexaware Technologies Ltd, Aptech and Azent Overseas Education Ltd. He stated, that innovative ideas for entrepreneurship are all around us and we just need to look harder. He started his leasing business as a part time activity, while Computers fascinated him. He focused on computer education since it had a huge scope and that was the genesis of Aptech. When he founded Hexaware Technologies in 1990, the software market was small, but he saw it as a sunrise industry with a lot of potential. He was excited and found it challenging to advise Companies in the western world. This made him seize the opportunity.

When it comes to growth, Atul believes that scale is very important for any business. A world class management team with a solid growth strategy is imperative for any business. He gave example of the franchise route he had opted for Aptech, while for Hexaware Technologies, he picked up micro niche strategy and strived to become excellent at it. As a promoter, he strongly believes in empowering his team. Capital planning and managing investor expectation are also very crucial. There is always a premium for growth and quality among the investor community.

While elaborating on corporate planning and exit strategies, he said that both Aptech and Hexaware Technologies saw a major global slowdown. His decision to focus on one business, made him plan for his exit from Aptech and focus on software business. His decision to exit Hexaware was because he needed a break and wanted to focus on his personal time. He also needed to de-risk the large capital involved.

Atul is also actively associated with several government and trade bodies that play an instrumental role in the development of India’s IT and Startup Sector. He was the Chairman of National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) in 2000 and he continues to be on the executive council of NASSCOM. Speaking about Nasscom, he said that it is an exceptional industry association, unique in the world. There is a healthy competition and bonding for a greater cause among the member companies and Nasscom has contributed immensely to the industry with its exchange of ideas, sharing common issues and motivation. When explaining about his best learning from TiE Mumbai vis a vis Nasscom, he said that with Nasscom he encountered established companies, but TiE is more in the aspirational segment.

In his advice for entrepreneurs, he reiterated that benchmarking is very important. At Hexaware Technologies, all business parameters compared with the best in class. He impressed upon thinking Global. According to him solving a process is more important than trying to solve a problem. He also stressed upon strong accountability and review standards.

About TiE Mumbai

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. Since 1992. TiE has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering education, mentorship, networking and funding opportunities. The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship globally through the 5 pillars of TiE: mentoring, networking and education, funding and incubation. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. TiE’s focus area is to generate enable the next generation of entrepreneurs. There are currently 11,000 members, including over 2,500 charter members in 60 chapters across 17 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Nikon Brings Delight to Wedding Professionals


  • Nikon Z 6 with NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Lens being offered at an irresistible discount
  • Landmark camera for wedding professional to capture special moments



New Delhi, July 14, 2020 – Nikon India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Nikon Corporation Tokyo has introduced Nikon Z6 with NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Lens kit today, which is designed especially for the wedding professionals. Wedding films & photographs are for lifelong memories and give new dimensions to the creativity. The new Nikon Z 6 kit is available at a discounted price of INR 214,445.


Fueling your creative desires


Designed in a compact body, the Nikon Z 6 and NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 Lens is a perfect pack for wedding professionals to capture beautiful moments. Providing superior high-sensitivity performance and outstanding video features, the Z 6 features 24.5 effective megapixels, ready to excel in a broad range of shooting scenarios. Taking advantage of the new EXPEED 6 image-processing engine, it achieves a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200, reducing noise effectively even at the higher end while maintaining resolution. Continuous shooting at up to approx. 12 fps is also available. Professionals and filmmakers alike will appreciate the camera’s wide array of movie functions, including full-pixel readout full-frame 4K UHD, Full HD 100/120p and 10-bit N-Log.


Complementing the camera, the full-frame NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR is a versatile all-in-one zoom lens that covers every shot along the way with remarkable true to life detail. Captivating portraits, to wedding videos and everything in between—all with a single compact, lightweight lens. Beyond its incredible flexibility and convenience, the NIKKOR Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR is designed to take full advantage of the Z Mount system's impressive light-gathering capability, so photos and videos are sharp, clear and evenly illuminated throughout the entire frame.


To capture the vibrant details the Nikon Z 6 offers greater post-production flexibility in movie creations. More apparent details and greater colors are delivered with class-leading 12-bit 4K UHD and Full-HD raw video outputs enabled by Firmware version.2.20 for the Z 6.


Originally priced at INR 227,445/- the entire kit is now being offered at a discount of INR 13,000/- at a special price of INR 214,445/- and is available at Nikon authorized stores starting third week of July, 2020.

Huawei Announces 2020 H1 Business Results


[Shenzhen, China, July 14, 2020] Huawei announced its business results for the first half of 2020 today. The company generated CNY454 billion in revenue during this period, a 13.1% increase year-on-year, with a net profit margin of 9.2%.[1] Huawei's carrier, enterprise, and consumer businesses achieved CNY159.6 billion, CNY36.3 billion, and CNY255.8 billion in revenue, respectively.


As countries around the globe are grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, information and communications technologies (ICT) have become not only a crucial tool for combatting the virus, but also an engine for economic recovery. Huawei reiterated its commitment to working with carriers and industry partners to maintain stable network operations, accelerate digital transformation, and support efforts to contain local outbreaks and reopen local economies.


The complex external environment makes open collaboration and trust in global value chains more important than ever. Huawei has promised to continue fulfilling its obligations to customers and suppliers, and to survive, forge ahead, and contribute to the global digital economy and technological development, no matter what future challenges the company faces.


[1] The financial data disclosed here are unaudited figures compiled in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards; exchange rate at the end of June 2020: US$1 = CNY7.0677 (source: external agencies)

BharatBenz Celebrates New Production Milestones Despite Lockdown


       1000th BSVI-compliant BharatBenz HDT rolls off the line

        Over 1500 BSVI-compliant vehicles manufactured despite lockdown

        Start of production for updated high-volume seller 4228 rigid model

        Mr. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Customer Service, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles: “Since premiering our new BharatBenz portfolio of BSVI-compliant trucks and buses in January, we have been steadily increasing our lead in the industry. This is proved again now as we celebrate the production of our 1000th BSVI-compliant Heavy Duty Truck.” 

Chennai– Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) today announced the production of its 1000th BSVI heavy duty truck, one of over 1500 BSVI compliant vehicles the company has manufactured in the last few months despite the ongoing lockdown. 

Mr. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Customer Service, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles said, “Since premiering our new BharatBenz portfolio of BSVI-compliant trucks and buses in January, we have been steadily increasing our lead in the industry. This is proved again now as we celebrate the production of our 1000th BSVI compliant Heavy Duty Truck.”

The truck was a 3523R model, bound for one of the 235+ touchpoints in BharatBenz’s rapidly expanding Indian network of dealerships before it makes its way to the excited customer. DICV celebrated a further production milestone with the SoP for its updated            Page 2 4228R model, a truck that has traditionally been one of the company’s high volume sellers.  Although production has recently proved a challenge for many manufacturers in the automotive industry, DICV has remained firmly on track throughout the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While part of this success comes from a 80%+ localisation rate for BSVI components, DICV’s MD and CEO Satyakam Arya also credits the business’s sustainability to the comprehensive care shown to stakeholders.

“One of DICV’s core values is the belief that ‘We Progress Together’. We support our stakeholders through the hard times and we celebrate with them in the good times. Today, we celebrate these new production milestones both with them and thanks to them,” commented Satyakam Arya.

The company provides ongoing support to its customers, suppliers, dealers and employees, aiming to ensure all stakeholders emerge stronger than ever from the crisis. For BharatBenz Customers, DICV offered free vehicle checks and sanitization, along with free warranty extensions. DICV also tied up with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) to support stranded drivers with basic requirements such as secured parking, water, fuel, bathing and shelter. 

For Dealers, Suppliers and Employees, DICV has additionally conducted an intensive education and communication campaign. All major stakeholder groups were provided with tailored health and safety manuals, instructional videos and web-based trainings. The wide-reaching initiative arms the company’s partners with the tools they need to navigate the ongoing crisis; from hygiene guidelines and holistic wellness seminars to expert talks on market trends and industry insights, the company cares for both people and business. 

About Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, Germany and operating under the umbrella of Daimler Trucks Asia, is a full-fledged commercial vehicle player in the Indian market and the only Daimler entity worldwide with a brand dedicated to its home market: BharatBenz. DICV produces and sells in India above 9 to 55 tons trucks as well as BharatBenz buses, Mercedes-Benz coaches and bus chassis. DICV’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Oragadam near Chennai spreads over 400 acres (160 hectares) including a highly modern test track and is home to the company’s headquarters, R&D and training operations. With one global quality standard, it also produces for Daimler Trucks’ brands of FUSO, Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner. Products and parts are exported to more than 50 markets in the Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. DICV represents an               Page 3 overall investment of more than INR 5,500 crores. 

About BharatBenz 


The BharatBenz brand is tailored for the Indian market and its demanding customer requirements by Daimler AG, the world’s leading CV manufacturer with a global reach. First unveiled in February 2011, the brand was launched in September 2012 with the introduction of its heavy-duty haulage trucks. The portfolio was expanded with the launch of medium-duty haulage trucks (2013), construction & mining trucks and tractors (2014), and buses (2015). The pan Indian BharatBenz sales and service network of more than 235 touchpoints is being continuously expanded. Within eight years after the market launch, BharatBenz has already produced over 100,000 vehicles – an unprecedented ramp-up in the world's toughest commercial vehicle market.