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Raja Natwarlal reveiw by ANIZ FILMVALA

Raja Natwarlal 

reveiw by 



Emraan Hashmi in a con man act yet again with nuance of emotion and aggression, this star is in no mood to break away from his formula of doing tricky characters of grey shade. His one man army attitude and ruling on the Box Office against the giants of Bollywood pashas is not hidden, has he done it again !!! Well next three days and his fan following will prove it [whatever the critics verdict].

The plot nothing great Raja[Emraan] a local street smart swindle with ability to thrive on petty bamboozle on streets of Mumbai with his associate Raghav [Deepak Tijori] .

Distressed about not gaining a fast access towards her love Ziya [Humaima Malik] a bar dancer where Raja blows his booty daily, but is dwarfed by a rich marwadi leaving him infuriated about his money mess. Sometime later he encounters a conversation of two drunkards about to deliver a big booty which alarms him to a big desire to become rich in a wink.

A master plan is worked out to swipe the big cash [80 lacs] away from the crooks and they succeed but it leads to mayhem as the actual possessor is nonetheless but a don Vardha Yadav [KK].The consequence Raghav is eliminated in no time thus leaving Raja in turmoil of taking a vengeance of his brothers killing.

As Raja leaves the city and heads towards Dharamshala to get help of a Yogi [Paresh Rawal] an ex con and Raghav’s real brother to join him to avenge his brothers death. Yogi takes Raja under his command and brushes him up to sharpen his conning skills,  Yogi forms a squad of con from different parts to pin down Vardhas Empire, as they make a plan to allure him to buy a made up cricket team of Ahemdabad Avengers which a dream he has been nurturing to be a owner of a team one day. The hoopla begins to deceive the Don with some intriguing moments and a happy ending.

A Emraan Hashmi movies is always equipped with hit tracks but famous Tamil film composer Yuvan Shankar Raja disappoints. Director Kunal Deshmukh has a penchant towards Cricket since his debut Jannat, but in Raja Natwarlal he has not register the passion of the sports which he suave in Jannat.This will be his unremarkable effort gone awry to be in the league of classy con movies made worldwide.
Emraan Hashmi as Raja
Humaima Malik as Ziya
Paresh Rawal as Yogi
Kay Kay Menon as Vardha Yadav
Prasad Oak as Cop

Deepak Tijori as Raghav

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