Saturday, 30 August 2014

Triple dose of laughter in F.I.R

F.I.R. is a comical TV series which shows lady inspector Chandramukhi Chautala and her adept team of police officers solving criminal cases with a funny twist.

One of SAB TV’s longest running premier comedy series F.I.R is impressing audiences with its new format and a renewed style of humor. In the recent track, Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chautala is in a foul mood and her team of merry men is trying every trick in the book to lift her spirits. Different plans and techniques are devised to make the inspector smile and laugh. While Kiku Sharda aka Gulgule poses as Chautala’s childhood friend and calls her to catch up and ignite the nostalgia of their friendship, Sandeep Anand aka Billu gets her to play her favorite game of seven stones/Pittu, where he too fails miserably. When it’s Gopi’s turn to cheer up Chautala, he changes his avatar to that of a person chased and attacked by street dogs.

Gopi Bhalla aka Gopinath Gandola said, “We had the task of making Kavita laugh and make her smile. Most of our sequences center around a simple plot which becomes funny as the entire team gets together to solve it. I was told to act in a hassled manner as in I have been chased by dogs and wear a uniform that was tattered. I told a spot boy to get the shirt torn a bit to make it look shabby. When he brought it back, it was literally shredded!! And I had to wear the same shirt during the sequence! The entire team was in splits when they saw me in that funny attire.
The sequence takes another twist which makes the state of affairs even funnier.

Will Gopi be able to make Chandramukhi Chautala smile with his antics?

To find out tune into F.I.R. to catch all the rib-tickling laughter from Saturday to Sunday at 9pm only on SAB TV!

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