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A Walk among the Tombstones review by ANIZ FILMVALA

A Walk among the Tombstones

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Directed by Scott Frank

Taken star Liam Neeson forays into one more mission with equilibrium and panache which has a resemblance of his preceding movie.

Set in the year 1998 Former NYPD cop Matthew Scudder [Liam Neeson] is hired by a drug dealer Kenny Kristo [Dan Stevens] to unearth the slaughterer of his wife. While on his investigation he befriend with a teenage black boy TJ [Bradley] who helps in the research of past crime news reports in a library. As he develops some traces to reach the mysterious killer, one more horrifying incident of a young girl being abducted comes on his pursuit adding more woe.

Ultimately Scudder gets the evidence of two perverts Albert [Thompson] and Ray [Harbour] a gay couple are responsible for the gruesome killings of Kenny’s wife and the kidnapping of the young girl, thus he lays a plan in how to give away the ransom amount without any errors and harm and get the girl back.

With focus to the key characters the movie evolves well and gives some nerve wrecking experience.

A completely Liam Neeson film with intelligently crafted action and thrills to watch with patience.

Liam Neeson as Matthew Scudder
Dan Stevens as Kenny Kristo
Sebastian Roché as Yuri Landau
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson as Loogan
David Harbour as Ray
Eric Nelsen as Howie

Brian "Astro" Bradley as TJ

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