Friday, 12 September 2014

Bollywood’s hype on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

A fitting summary of Bollywood’s hype on the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Spoof on the Ice Bucket Challenge with Bollywood stars hits the internet, classic rap number Ice Ice Baby recreated with special curated lyrics!

The new cool trend that recently drove everyone crazy was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It made quite a few headlines as many celebrities from the east to the west were seen taking up the challenge. Known for spoofing the trendiest issues, Culture machine- a digital video entertainment company for the internet generation has come up with a parody on the desperado of the celebrities who took the Ice Bucket Challenge to garner publicity.
The video called ‘Likes Likes Baby’ by the Being Indian channel on YouTube is a rap on all the famous as well as infamous celebrities who were ‘brave’ enough to take the challenge. The video is a mash up of all the clips where Bollywood stars poured ice on themselves in the name of charity. Accepting the challenge without even knowing what ALS is all about is sheer foolishness which has been hilariously woven into a recreated version of famous rap song Ice Ice Baby! Getting more likes on Facebook by uploading their Ice Bucket Challenge videos seemed to be the agenda. From Akshay Kumar to Sania Mirza to Poonam Pandey, everyone wanted to donate for the people of America. The funniest part of the video was everyone doing charity for America when Indians themselves are struggling for basic necessities. It also features the legendary Baba Sehgal and his famous song- Thanda Thanda Pani! Towards the end comes the hysterical Veenu Mallesh  doing his own version of The Ice Bucket challenge.

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