Sunday, 28 September 2014

Huma Qureshi flooded with invites from colleges

Huma has given standing instructions to her team to make time for her to attend 2-3 events in a month.
The actress very well read and known for her smart headed approach.
The actress has been a great influence during her theater days and in her time
in the B'town has become a role mode for the youngsters.
Huma is known to be a good orator so much so that she has been getting a lot of requests from various sectors and post grad colleges & institutes to come and speak to the students.
Every month the actress makes it a point to make time in her schedule to attend as many such meets as possible.
Last month she has gone back to her theatre to give the young artist orientation on their programme Thespo and shares the story of her days there. She had at a summit also spoken about her stand on being comfortable in your own skin.
This month the actress had requests flooding in from everywhere.  She had reputed colleges like Mithibai, KC College, R.D Poddar and Sydnem College sending in invites to come and converse with the students on varied topics.
But it does not end here, the actress has invites pouring in from a lot of panel discussion to talk on topics like state of women in India, B'Town leading Ladies with strong roles, Globalisation and women's empowerment. 
Despite her busy schedule, Huma has asked her team to adjust and make time for her to attend the seminars. 
Huma Qureshi shares, "Interactive sessions at such forums are always insightful. So, I try to attend as many as I can."

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