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Life of Crime reveiw by ANIZ FILMVALA

Life of Crime 

reveiw by 



If criminals are over ambitious to their impromptu skills, the result is mockery of a crime. Set in 1978 Louis [John Hawkes] and Ordell [Yasiin Bey] are petty criminals on the streets of Greenwich Connecticut, to get rich quickly they plan a kidnapping of a rich socialite Mickey [Jennifer Aniston] and they succeed but are they going to get the big ransom amount of a million dollar from her distraught husband Frank (Tim Robbins) who has already send her the divorcé papers  but is unknown of her being hostage to the goons.

Next the two have to chart out a new plan to backup their quandary before their time runs out.
The film is a classic adaptation from Elmore Leonard's The Switch. The gone era of seventies is stylishly depicted.

Precisely on a slow pace, subtle comical situation and not so great witty lines drags the entertainment value of watching the movie. Directed by Daniel Schechter’ Life of Crime’ is an average comical crime thriller.

Jennifer Aniston as Mickey Dawson
Yasiin Bey as Ordell Robbie
Isla Fisher as Melanie Ralston
Will Forte as Marshall Taylor
Mark Boone Jr. as Richard
Tim Robbins as Frank Dawson
John Hawkes as Louis Gara
Charlie Tahan as Bo Dawson
Seana Kofoed as Kay
Chyna Layne as Loretta
Clea Lewis as Tyra Taylor
Jenna Nye as Shelly Taylor
Alex Ladove as Pamela Taylor
Leonard Robinson as Officer Dixon
R. Marcus Taylor as Borsalino

Kevin Corrigan as Ray

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