Thursday, 4 September 2014

Manav’s Monkey Mania in Baal Veer

Manav’s Monkey Mania in Baal Veer

Baal Veer is a fantastical TV show where superhero - Baal Veer takes all of its viewers on an adventurous trip to Parilok. Baal Veer is the savior of Parilok and children protecting them from the evil intentions of evil Paris and denizens of the dark. Baal Veer and his set of friends counter evil and negative intentions of evil forces and uphold natural justice and order of the system.

In the ongoing track, the wish fulfilling tree – Kalpavriksha needs to be found by the fairies and destroyed before any chaos ensues. Unaware of the tree’s prowess, friends of Baal Veer have landed themselves in trouble by wishing for a weird request unknowingly and transforming Manav played by Rudra Soni into a monkey. On the sets of Baal Veer, the transformation of Rudra into a monkey was truly detailed and spectacular. His look was accentuated to the heights of perfection which made it difficult to know who the monkey character was. Some visitors on the set clicked selfies and photos with Rudra due to his unique monkey look.

Will Baal Veer’s magic prove effective in retrieving Manav back into his human form?

To find out tune in to Baal Veer as the epic battle between good and evil unfolds from Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on SAB TV!

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