Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Priyanka Chopra takes up Hrithik Roshan's challenge !

Hrithik Roshan who recently took to a popular micro-blogging site to throw out a round of Bang Bang challenges to his friends from the industry , challenged Priyanka Chopra to do headstands and push-ups.

Proving that nothing is impossible for this SHERO, Priyanka not only took up the challenge and performed 3 headstands and push-ups but also did it in her signature heels , much to everyone's surprise.

The video is fast becoming a hit on the social media front with Priyanka Chopra's followers on Twitter crossing the 7 million mark.

All praise for the actress said Hrithik Roshan, "Give it Up for Super Peecee...Unbelievable...This one can really just about do anything".

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