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Sin City2: A Dame to Kill For review by ANIZ FILMVALA

Sin City2: A Dame to Kill For
review by

Bang!! Bang!!! So Sin City 2 is back rather after a long hiatus but fully loaded and lethal, razz·ma·tazz as never before 3D imaging of tough masculine face straight from comic strip: bad guy’s versus bad guys, a million horsepower energy which will sweep you out of your feet.
The film has five episode of Sin City : Just Another Saturday Night, The Long Bad Night, A Dame to Kill For, The Long Bad Night - II and the most enthralling Nancy's Last Dance" each of the episode has riveting depiction of the dark side of the Sin City. Josh Brolin v/s Eva Green - Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jessica Alba v/s Powers Booth

Marv [Mickey Rourke] is battered and suffering from memory loss wondering about his past.
Johnny [Levitt] an overconfident young gambler arrives in Sin City and heads to Roark place where he hits the jackpot with instinctive skill of card playing and makes enemy with the Roark gang and in consequences is killed.

Ava [Eva Green] foul plays to kill her wealthy tycoon husband which Dwight falls prey to it and is almost killed in the mayhem caused by Ava’s goon, but Marv comes to his rescue and sweeps him out at the last minute.

Nancy [Jessica Alba] is on a mission to avenge the self killing of her lost love Hartigan [Bruce Willis] done by Roark as he was agonized about his devil looking son’s killing by Hartigan.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller Sin City 2 is a visual tribute to the evergreen comic caricatures of Dark Horse Comics which must have been a daily dose to many readers globally. The movie has been shot in Black and White enhancing the authentic experience to the comic addicts.

Mickey Rourke recreates [with prosthetics] the Stone Age monstourius effect in Marv, Josh Brolin as Dwight justifies the caricature gradation with chutzpah, Jessica Alba rules with her deadly moves and erotica on the title track which sets the screen on fire. Not to missed if you have lived the comic world to drive your boredom moments.

Mickey Rourke as Marv
Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan
Josh Brolin as Dwight McCarthy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny
Rosario Dawson as Gail
Bruce Willis as John Hartigan
Eva Green as Ava Lord
Powers Boothe as Senator Roark
Dennis Haysbert as Manute
Ray Liotta as Joey
Stacy Keach as Wallenquist
Jaime King as Goldie and Wendy
Christopher Lloyd as Kroenig
Jamie Chung as Miho
Jeremy Piven as Bob
Christopher Meloni as Mort
Juno Temple as Sally
Marton Csokas as Damien Lord
Jude Ciccolella as Liebowitz
Julia Garner as Marcy
Lady Gaga as Bertha
Alexa Vega as Gilda

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